Birthday post

Turned 17 but I dressed up like a 7 year old kid for my birthday this year. Spent my day in the mall with my family and then had dinner. I was so lucky that day since there was a "Cosplay" event so, I am not the only one who was wearing a weird (?) outfit.

Tutu Skirt: Thrifted
One off shoulder top: Gift from my Grandma
Oxfords Shoes: Punkberry
Disney Princess' rings: Clippers
Pink Bangles: No idea where I got it


  1. pretty. belated greetings on your birthday! :)

  2. Love it!

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  3. I realy like you skirt, so cute :)
    xoxo Audrey ;)

  4. Love your outfit! I don't think it looks weird at all!

  5. Hey Bernadeth, thanks for joining my first blog give away! I was able to browse through a couple of your posts and I can say that you have great style. I especially love the Parisienne look on your sidebar. :)

  6. YOU look sooooo beautiful!!! :-) I followed you. ;-) Super love your blog. Love the outfit so much!!! It suits you ;-)