Ahoy Matey!

Because I don't have any new photos to share, I'm going to post some of my old looks, this was taken months ago in Canada. Wore this when we went to Eaton Mall to do some window shopping, and I of course ended up being vain at the restroom!

The following photos are taken on a parking lot near the apartment where we stayed in. Public place = people staring at you, example: a half-naked man watching you over his balcony.

Green Beret: Gap (bought in Goodwill)
Nautical Coat: Ebay
High waist shorts: Bazaar
Bracelet: Jac Vanek "Guilty"

In love with long dresses for womensweater dresses for women and dress pants for women.


  1. I love sailor looks, I did a post on it. Alexa chung looked great in nautical at london fashion week!


  2. awww, these are cute! i love the poses. but hahahaha half naked man: creepy. good for you for taking these pictures despite the stares. I haven't done that yet.

  3. cute outfits! :) i really like your nautical coat.. and you give a super cool touch with your beret..

  4. aww super cool outfits.. i really love your nautical coat and you rock that outfits with the green beret an your boots! :)

  5. Cool outfit. Love those boots!

  6. aye,aye...cute outfit!!! :) followed you dear! xoxo


  7. Loving the whole thing! It's funny how people start looking at others who take pictures of themseleves in a public space. Anyways, you rocked that outfit! I'm really loving it. Ciao! btw care to linkex? ^^

  8. That jacket is lovely! Amazing retro look.