Candy's First ever Fashion Show!

Last April 3, I got the chance to attend the first ever Candy fashion show in SM Megamall with my friends. We arrived in the place very early to get some seats but turns out the audience are just standing so, for about 3 hours we are just standing there haha! We were all pretty excited about this 'cause the fashion bloggers are going to model plus I just need to see them personally! I know, I'm such a fangirl eh.

The Candy staffs gave us free seats! The event started with an intermission number from Miriam College dance troupe (I think?), they are all so pretty and very talented! And then the Candy girls, started to walk in the runway with pretty outfits. And I saw Kirsten Rice, I have been following her in Tumblr for years now and finally got the chance to see her personally and have a photo after the event (watch out for my next blog entry!).

And then of course, having a Candy event is not complete without the Candy Cuties! Somedaydream and Sam Concepcion both serenaded the Candy Girls.

Rosanna Aranaz with color blocking outfits! And I swear I was staring at her shoes until she left the stage.

And my favorite outfit of all is the one Camille Co wore. The floral shorts and Peter Pan collared like top is such a great combination and don't forget that nice wedge! Love it.

Tricia Gosingtian, the only Asian blogger who was invited in the New York fashion week wearing her boater hat (I guess that's her trademark?) and looking like a doll in the runway

Lexi Gancayo, the owner of The Second shop. She's an expert in combining pattern on pattern outfits. And I envy her long legs!

Lissa Kahayon who knows how to match lace-y outfits. And look at her shoes! So pretty.

Laureen Uy showing her rock n' roll chic style. Such an adorable smile!

Some of my favorite outfits from the show: Camille Co's model with a maxi skirt and a cute box. Lexi Gancayo's model... I just love how she mix & matched the patterns on that outfit. Tricia Gosingtian's model with a boater hat and super chic pants and lastly, Laureen Uy's model with a cute outfit and awesome socks!

Lastly, the Candy girls gave their final walk in the runway with the fashion bloggers. As you can see in the photo, Tricia Gosingtian is having fun using the "bubble gun".

And here's the fashion goddess of Candy, Margaux Romero. Such a classy look and I wish my name is as cool as hers! I'm hoping this won't be the last Candy fashion show.


  1. Wow! Looks like a fun show. I wish I was able to go though. :(

  2. yay, I'm glad you made it to the Candy Fashion Show. I wish I was there so I could see my fave bloggers. Too bad :|| I love the photos! I bet you were near the runway! :)

  3. Aww. I miss reading Candy mags. Stopped reading them years ago since I don't think they're age appropriate for me anymore. But since Seventeen was phased out, I'm thinking about reading this mag again, lol.

    Sorry for the semi-long comment XD

    ♥ Erika

  4. awwww, i wish i was there!
    sounds like you had fun though!

  5. yea that looks really cool. i love the floral looks and Laureen Uy's with the kind of tutu skirt.

  6. missed this!:( but thanks for the glimpse of what happened! camille is my favorite!

  7. Camille is also my favorite!! But I really like what Tricia was wearing coz' I don't know how to rock a boater hat. :D

  8. Looks like a great show--and I agree with you. The coolest outfit was the one withe the flower shorts and flowy blouse because it was pretty but not overly cutesy.

  9. Sounds like a fun event! I love teh clothes and teh style! :D

  10. Aww I was kinda curious with the Candy fashion show, but yeah I wasn't able to go. But its seems fun tho, looking at your pictures. These bloggers do indeed have great style. Rosanna is my favorite :)

    Cute blog and cute style btw. :)

    Phoebe R

  11. This looks like it was such a fun event! I'm loving allllllll of the shoes too!


  12. wow! top fashion bloggers in the runway! how cool!!!:)

  13. great pics!!!

    xoxo from rome

  14. looks soo fun! love it and congrats on getting great seats!

  15. Cool pics! Nice show. My wife always watching shows in any places in our country. Cause you know she's just 24 years old. Anyways thanks for sharing you awesome blog.