Forever 21 = Temptation.

I was lucky enough to be one of the first shoppers at the newly opened Forever 21 in SM Makati, it was 2x bigger than the one in SM Megamall... it's insane! We went there last April 8 (the opening day) with my family and my sister's friend, but we didn't get to have free GCs 'cause the mall is like 2 hours away from my house :( They should build a store somewhere in the South!

And the obligatory photo at the Forever 21 tarpaulin.

Ripped black dress (yes, it's ripped at the back but I forgot to take a photo of it) - Robinsons Department store
Zebra printed tights - SM Department store Flats (I brought my boots but I'm too lazy to change :P) - gift
Bracelet - Bazaar

And just for fun haha! We found this huge advertisements of Forever 21 while walking. Just imagine posing like this while there are cars driving by and people walking.

Here is the first Forever 21 item *drum roll please*: a Love necklace, a set of bow earrings and a bow headband ( not pictured). I can't wait to go back! I'm keeping my fingers crossed on getting the pink sunglasses :P


  1. Love what you bought! and so cute with the poster picture!!

  2. Cute photos! I love your outfit! :)

  3. I want the necklace. Will definitely go back! :)

  4. Wow, your outfit is nice :D I'll be going there some time haha