Darling, it's better!... under the sea.

For our Day 4, we went to Ocean Park --- there are actually two parts, one is the Waterfront (where the Oceanarium, Amazing Asian Animals, Hot air Balloon is located) and the second part is called "Peak" (wherein you need to ride a cable car just to get there and the theme park!).

We watched the Dolphin and Sea Lion show in the Ocean Theater.

It was very hot that day, so we decided to buy a snow cone! If you visit Ocean Park and wants to try it... at least have $30 in your pocket ha!

Ocean Park theme park - where rides can kill you. I AM NOT JOKING. If you want those kind of rides then visit Ocean Park... search for more rides via Google ;)
Took us 1 hour just to ride the Hot Air Balloon (not pictured) but we just rode it for like 3 minutes hahaha!

The skirt is from Thrift bar which I luckily won and as you can see I am wearing my sneakers because 1. my mom won't let me wear my boots due to 1 day of walking back and forth, 2. it's so hot that day 3. I only brought 2 shoes on our trip (sneakers and boots).

Taking photo of my ring = FAIL.

White Leotard
Skirt: Thrift Bar
Wings belt: Ebay
Sneakers: SM Department store

And then we visited the Oceanarium -- it's smaller than the one in Singapore.

It's finally time to go back to the hotel! To make this post not boring at all, I included the "hey-sister-take-a-photo-of-me-i-don't-care-what-I-look-like" photos.... a day roaming around in the park, sweating like a pig, didn't apply any powder even though I'm so oily, didn't comb my hair at all, in short the "whatever look" of Bernadeth. Here's the animated photo!


  1. this is SUPER adorable! I love sno cones, haven't had one in forever :) that skirt is soo cute! looks like an amazing time!


  2. Great photo's love the skirt and belt :)


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  3. aww your ring is cute!


  4. you are so cute! and the waterpark looks fun, i love those x

  5. gorgeous pics, you're so pretty :)

  6. You are really pretty. :) I love your pictures! I so want to try those killer rides, in my dreams. XD Seriously, I don't take I can do that in real life. XD The dolphins are so cute<333

  7. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Looks like you're having a lot of fun. Your belt reminds me of the golden snitch.. >.<


  8. Your outfit is really cute and you look very pretty!! Looks like you had an awesome time over there. :)