Disney on Pink

What I wore for our Day 2 when we strolled around the Disney Hollywood Hotel and went to Disneyland Park (again!). Highlight of the day: Met Mickey and 2 Minnie Mouse, rode a few rides and shop for some souvenirs. And actually, this is the first time I rode a roller coaster... I AM ABOUT TO DIE! Seriously. I wanna get off my seat hahaha! My sister and I thought it was just a 3d effect and so we rode it (BTW, it's called Space Mountain).

Dress: Primark (one of the dresses included on this post)
Love and flower ring: Bazaar
Bow earrings: Forever 21

*Blogged: On the streets of Hongkong Disneyland (this is Disney HK's streeetsyle haha!)


  1. Hello, I like your outfit :)

  2. Oh Em, I love Space Mountain! Grabe, saya ng ride na yun!!! :)

  3. and youre so pretty in pink!

  4. Space Mountain. I rode that with my mom, my kuya and Dudai. When we got off, my mom was so dizzy and shocked. Then she shouted at me and my kuya because we dragged her together with us there without knowing na roller coaster ride yun. Hahahaha!

  5. you should try the roller coaster rides in Ocean Park! When we went to Disney it was early December and the park wasn't heaving with people so I rode Space Mountain for like, 3 consecutive times. It was fun but really you should try the ones in Ocean Park HK :)

  6. Great dress, cute ears and lovely photo's :)


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  7. your dress is so feminine, i'm loving it! :]


  8. you look absolutely cute!!!! i love your very girly blog too!


  9. I was there too 3 weeks ago. Went to Macau first then HK. I love Disney and Ocean Park. Love the dress on you and the Mickey ears headband. I also bought one but in black with polka ribbon and Mickey shades too hehe. Will post my pics soon :)

    Looks like you had loads of fun! :)