Magic in the Air

This is a continuation from my recent blog post, after we checked in at the hotel we went to Disneyland theme park, as you can see on the picture above... it was very sunny and hot that day!

Imagine me taking photos of a 15 minute parade! Sitting on the street, taking photos of everything in a blazing sun while everyone is waving on the characters... ME IZ BURNED. Seriously, I can feel my right face burning and had to go to the nearest gift shop with air conditioner because it was totally hot!

And of course, when you see a Disney character... you just have to take a picture with her/him! She looks like a Barbie doll and I look like her maid LOLJK.

AND I FOUND THIS DONGHAE MICKEY MOUSE HAT! We were about to leave the gift shop but then I saw it... aghhhhh we are meant to be LULZ.

Eating a pizza from the bakery, and look at my ring! It's a Minnie Mouse bow ring I bought on that day :)

And I bought a cotton candy before the parade, I thought the bill I paid was enough to pay the cotton candy with glowsticks but turned out I was $20 short hahaha so instead I had cotton candy with a paper.

To end this post, here's the Sleeping Beauty castle with fireworks. My photography night skills = LEVEL UP haha. The photo on the right reminds me of Hogwarts!!!


  1. WOW! Great photos :)

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  2. Nice photos !
    I like your blog !

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  3. wow! this post made me miss hongkong disneyland..&& i didnt get the chance to stay in disneyland hotel.booo

    truly magical! i like the night photos :) and btw babe can i copy that picture of you? :)

  4. oh, I was there last week! went to Macau first, then on the disneyland and HK city tour for 3 days. :)

    i agree with you, it was so sooo HOT, wasn't able to take too much pics during my disney stay too, 'cause of the unbearable heat, hehe. I enjoyed the city tour a lot hehe :)

    by the way, great photos and love the polka top on you

  5. You don't look like a maid! Actually, I find you prettier than the chartoon character girl. Hee :-)