Gleeks and Peps

This is an outfit post with my very special guest... it's Pepay! We adopted her 2 days ago and from then on I couldn't stop myself from playing with her and cuddling because she's too little and so cute! I just wish she knows how to pee/poop in the bathroom haha

Wore this outfit in a friends' debut, the theme was "Glee" but I don't really have any gleeky outfit or something like that so I just wore a combat boots like the one's wore by Glee in their Loser like me performance, the top and skirt was inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow's Forget you outfit. But if you don't watch Glee and don't care about any of their outfits I guess, you can't really see the inspiration behind this outfit LOL

My sister bought a pack of Hello Kitty socks when we were in Hongkong (scroll down to know where), I regret not buying the Mickey x Minnie pack :(

Beret: Gap
Black Leotard
Vintage Skirt
Hello Kitty Socks: H&M
Army Man necklace: Freestyle Necklace
Brown Combat boots


  1. Cute puppy, my dog learnt eventually! Cute outfit, I'm a total Gleek!

    Please take a minute to look at my vintage boutique;

  2. Love the Hello Kitty socks <3

  3. aw cute puppy! I felt the exact same way when I adopted my baby dog Bean. They're just so cuddly and cute it's so hard to resist them. haha

    check out my blog and my post about my dog here:

  4. So pretty !!
    I love this outfit totally 70s ^^
    Love your blog
    Bisous and hope see you there

  5. lovely photoshoot with your cute dog =D