And my birthday doesn't end...

(photo album, picture frame and cake from my friends)

(native bracelets and hands connector ring from my mom)

(Bracelets, ring and feather earring from Petitechiq)

(Set of lipstick from Miss Rae)

Some new stuff in my bedroom! I am a happy girl~ My ever so sweet friends surprised me last Friday by giving me a gift... a compilation of my photos with their messages written on it (Donghae even greeted me LOL), a framed photo and a week after my birthday they gave me a birthday cake <3. And my mom gave me new accessories after how many months! LOL Although I didn't get the chance to have a grand party (with gowns and cotillion), this maybe the best birthday ever because I got a lot of surprises and gifts --- and I love every single thing!

I also got my prizes from the giveaways that I won! The accessories, bags and dresses are from Misspauuparazzi's September giveaway... luckily, I won the 1st place! Thank you Ate Pau for being so understanding and patient! ;) And yesss, I finally own some feather earrings and the boho bag I've been looking for since I got my cowboy boots and also got my dream varsity jacket from Moe's giveaway (as seen on my twitter default picture), thanks Moe for the time! And I got another prize from petitechiq's giveaway too, thank you Ate Alexis for being so kind! Another is a package all the way from Canada, thank you Miss Rae for shipping out the beautiful set of lipstick all the way from the Philippines :D

Last thing I got this week was that I received a call from SM Mall of Asia ice skating rink and they informed me that my raffle stub won, my friends let me fill up the stub because they told me I am lucky especially with raffle/giveaways. *I was really nervous at that time 'cause I forgot what's the prize, I keep thinking what is it and hope it's an Ipad or House & Lot hahahaha* But, I found out that i won 2 movie tickets for the Breaking Dawn premiere!!! Not really a fan, but oh well yess! Thank you God for everything xx


  1. you're such one lucky lady! Happy birthday!

  2. Belated Happy Birthday! Congratulation with all the prizes you've won. Stay pretty :) <3

  3. You're so lucky with give-aways! Lovely items you got. :)

  4. Happy belated Birthday :)

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  5. Belated happy birthday to you! And so many nice pieces! Love the lipsticks! :)

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