Coke 100 Years of Pure Happiness!

Rumor has it that there are some big surprises this year as Coca-Cola celebrate’s 100 years in the Philippines and with this big celebration, Coca-Cola will be appointing someone to spread happiness... he/she is entitled to be the "Happiness President". Do you guys have any idea who will be appointed to be the President for Happiness of Coca-Cola ? 'Cause I sure don't have any idea and so I am very excited to know who will be this president for happiness and what he/she will be able to do for Coke's 100th year and for the next chapter of Coke's existence.

As a teen and a blogger, I hope the Happiness President will be able to represent Coke not only as a brand but also as THE brand that has been giving all of us 100 years of pure happiness... through their amazing products, touching stories and I hope he/she will represent the new generation. Writing this blog post is so intriguing and it makes me want to unveil now who really is this President for Happiness of Coca-Cola! But, we just have to wait... anticipate more, try to trend #CokePH100 on Twitter and watch the grand reveal on Sunday on your favorite TV channel.

We all have to watch as Coke unveil their Happiness President!


  1. ohh my, i'm now intrigued as well! :D

  2. hi lovely!

    im hosting a tommy hilfiger giveaway on my blog, it's open to international readers!!!

  3. Hope you find out soon!

  4. it' s great what you feel about coca-cola. it likes you a lot!

  5. Hi Beatrix! Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog! :) I hope we can be friends and talk some more ♥

  6. Happy Birthday Coca-Cola!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog sweets! :) xx