Not with a Fizzle but with a bang

Last January 1st after attending the mass in Antiplo Church we headed to Alabang Town Center to watch the fireworks that only lasted for about 5 minutes haha! Anyways, here's an outfit post~ I somewhat look like I'm going to have a ballet show or something but I love everything about this outfit!... not to mention the polka dotted tights. Hopefully within this year, I'll get more tights with design on it *cough*suspended tights, i want you*cough. Some photos taken by my mom or sister ;)

Everything is from Primark except:
Oxford shoes: Robinsons Department Store
Backpack: Guess


  1. Happy New Year, Bernadeth! Lovely skirt and firework photos. :)

  2. i love your haircut, looks so cute!


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