Happyologist with Caloy!

Did you remember my last post about Coke having their President for Happiness? Well, today I am blogging this to tell all of you that they have already unveiled who he is!! It's no other than Caloy from Marikina. And in line with this position he holdsthe most important task of all: to implement programs that will make Filipinos happy. This daunting task makes him very nervous but still super excited to share to all of us his big ideas. Do you want to find out some of his ideas? Well, find it out here by watching this video:

As the President for Happiness of Coca-Cola, he wants to enlist your participation; he is still unsure what to do so he needs some suggestions or comments to make Coke 100 year’s be memorable and overflowing with happiness! Share your ideas by by commenting on his Facebook page, Twitter page or by commenting on the video and don't forget to follow and like!

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