Today, I opted for a French inspired look! I am very in love with all the photos from today and I hope guys like it too. I decided to wear my never been worn outfits here in the Philippines for... especially that beret I got from Canada <3 And also, Pepay always want to be included in my outfit photo... so cute!! I have tons of outfit posts to publish, so watch out for it!

So, have you been to Paris? Travel promos might save some money on France. So you guys, better check it out!

Polo: Children's Place (Thrifted)
Skirt: Primark
Oxford Heels: Goodwill
Beret: Goodwill


  1. Love this! Too cute :)

  2. This style is so cute. Love the skirt and beret! <3 <3
    mind to visit my blog? thanks,

  3. love this look! and lovely photography! :)

  4. omg you're so pretty! o love this look! and your skirt is lovely!

  5. I love your shoes and your smile! You look so lovely :)