Valentines week

After days of cramming our school works, I am finally done with all of it and I'm currently enjoying our college (La Sallian) week! Anyway, here are some photos from this week:

1. Stalker shot! Someone in the jeepney got Valentine balloons and I couldn't help myself not to take a photo of it, even though I was inside the car :P
2. The first thing I saw inside the mall are the bouquet of flowers.
3. The One Direction infection is all over the Philippines! Cutie patootie boys~
4. Photo taken using my friend's Macbook. So, for the first time ever since I entered college... I finally got the chance to wear a coat (this coat). It was the day when it was raining so bad, and it was so cold... not to mention I was in the state wherein I already miss wearing coats/jacket.
5. Me with my classmates at the Karakol 2012, it was one of our requirements for our Religion class.
6. The K-pop invasion! Super Junior CDs all over the music store and SNSD at the TV screen.
7. Pepay
8-9. My mom baked cupcakes, nomnomnom!
10. Epic fail on a Valentines night: My family and I went to the nearest Shakeys which is like 15 minutes from our house and found out that there were so many people, so we ended up at a diner which is like a 5-minutes drive from our house haha
11. Outfit Photo! I am wearing a top from Singapore (it's the top + skirt worn by Singapore Airlines' flight attendants), got it last 2004? when we had our first international trip, shorts from the UK and Advan shoes from SM Department store.


  1. great photos!! and oh i like your printed jacket!! :)

    1. It's a Singaporean national costume! :)