BTS with the Funshoot Crew!

05This post is dedicated for the last photoshoot of the funshoot crew this semester and also because I miss my friends who are are currently in the States right now for their OJT. This is some sort of reminiscing the moments back when we were very stressed but still managed to have a photoshoot ('cause that's just the way we roll!).

The following photos are so special to me because they are all candid and shows how I look every photoshoot we have, we'll the truth is... 90% of it is I'm laughing or giggling and the 10% is being completely serious haha and aside from my sister, who always take my photos... only Jex have the patience to take photos of my awkward face.

And that ends my behind the scene for my Heart Skips a Beat outfit post! The last thing I wanna say is that the truth is, I'm half-cat hahaha just kidding! We'll here it goes... the Funshoot Crew will hopefully be back on my blog to help me with my future blog posts in spite of the fact that we are no longer going to be classmates again next school year :( Love you guys to the moon and back! x


  1. love the look! so cute!

  2. Great to see some behind the scenes pictures. And I still like your cape! :D

    Hope you'll drop by x

  3. I like your cardigan and the effects you added on the pictures. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me to when you have time.

  4. You guys look so tight. These photos are so fun to see. Nice to see your behind the scene photos. You look lovely as always. :)


  5. So cute! Love your whole outfit and the GIF! :))

  6. I LOVE your jacket<3
    This is such an adorable outfit :)

  7. You look great, love your jacket, the print is gorgeous!

  8. Love this outfit! You are so pretty<3

    xx Marianne

    ps. Thanks for visiting Picture Me!