The Perfect Fit

I just finished watching a Korean series called “Pinocchio” and if you don’t know, I have such addiction towards the world of Korea and have been watching an entire 20 episodes for just only three days but that’s not what’s this post is all about. This is about champagne wedding dresses, I previously mentioned about the “Pinocchio” series and it’s because the last scene was when the couple was fitting their wedding attire – the groom on a tuxedo and the bride on a beautiful wedding dress.

Now, seeing that scene makes me feel excited over what wedding gown should me or my friends would wear on their wedding day. And at the end of the day, I stumbled upon Weddingshe’s site and what a coincidence! They’ve got some awesome champagne wedding dresses that would be suitable for every girl out there, they have designs that will fit any wedding locations on any season --- may it be by the beach on a hot summer day, a lovely church or small chapel during winter or even in a garden on a spring day.

Making sure that a girl is wearing the perfect wedding dress is such a challenge but making sure you get some awesome choices is not especially when you visit Weddingshe and pick the gown you love from their site and apparently here’s my list of favorites from their website and oh, did I mention that you can always change the gown’s color on your preferred color and fit it into your wedding’s theme and even consult the Weddingshe team about their gowns directly on their website, that’s really a great service!

Charming Tulle and A-line Sweetheart Raised Waistline Wedding Dress

2015 New Design Colored Lace Appliqué Cap Sleeves Sweetheart Neck Beaded Lace Belt Wedding Dress

More designs? Just click here:


  1. These dresses are so beautiful! :)

    Happy friday

  2. OMG I love the first and last wedding dresses!
    I love Korean drama too and going to watch Pinocchio! ♥

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