Pretty Amazing Formal Dresses

They say having an overflowing closet defines your life choices --- especially for girls like me who’s pretty much obsessed when it comes to shopping and dressing up. Much has been said that girls will never be contented with the clothes that they have and truth to be told, I can relate with that theory. Going out and planning what to wear has never been so tough and if someone else see an overflowing closet, we see a closet that doesn’t have that one thing that defines our mood for the day and what fits an event required outfit. That is why it’s pretty much hard to pick that perfect formal dresses to an event especially if you want to be the star of the night and maybe a princess from a fairytale, either way I have the best solution to your problem of picking that formal dress to wear in a great event --- Formal Dress Australia.

Upon checking our their website, I pretty much fell in love with the amazing choices they have to offer from the vibrant colors to sweet yet sophisticated dresses… girls will definitely go crazy upon checking out this website! Here’s a few of my favorites from their store:

Be cute and quirky with this pastel colored dress, wear it with a tiara and I’m sure you’ll feel very princess-y! Pair it with sparkly stilettos and you’re ready to rock the runway.... I mean, stage.

For a long gown, choose the one with an elegant touch of womanhood! This dress is definitely the one I’m pointing out --- the top is embellished with beads and the bottom just moves swiftly as you dance whilst an Ed Sheeran song is playing. Wow, I can definitely imagine that’s a still from a movie.

Feeling a bit like Angelina Jolie? Or maybe Lilly Collins and wants to have that Hollywood look on the event your attending? Well, this is the one for you! The slit on the bottom makes your look sophisticated and sexy. The lace details on the top are a total plus for this dress!

Lace, lace and more lace! This is one perfect dress for a girl who’s ready to for a formal event with your colleagues. Make it more eye catching by pairing it with a dazzling earrings, a quilted bag and some strappy silver heels and I’m going to bet that all boys will swoon over you! That lace sleeves will definitely do the talking.

If a cake becomes a dress this it how it looks like, the chiffon skirt is a great material for twirling all over the place while you shine because of the embellished beads on the top.


  1. Gorgeous dresses!

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  2. Looks like such a great site, love the third dress :)
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  3. beautiful dresses! i love the second one :D

  4. These dresses are absolutely beautiful! Love them.