CC Hair Extensions Review

During the past few years, I've always got short hair and sometimes I wished I could style them more during my shoots or just out with the family or my friends but of course, it would definitely take more time to prepare myself and that means waking up very early which is very hard for me (who can relate to this one?) that is why I realised at that moment that I should've gotten some human hair extensions especially when I found about "CC Hair Extensions", their human hair extensions on sale is made out of 100% human hair so you don't have to worry about the quality or texture. What makes it more amazing is no one can know the difference between your real hair and the human hair extensions.

Of course, they are the online shop bound to make affordable hair extensions for us girls who are on a tight budget, amazing how they are such a girl's best friend! They are available in any length and color which will fit your hair. Also available are hair weave, clip n' hair extensions, tape hair and hair accessories. It's definitely a one stop shop for styling you hair! To make more introduction about their website, here's a little video to show you about their high quality made products which I totally adore. Enjoy!


  1. Looks great!

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  2. Does the site take donations of hair or buy hair from people to make their extensions? I kind of want to know, haha :) Is that where you got the extensions you're wearing in your picture? Sorry for so many questions. Great post! Mckenzie
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    1. the website is

  3. waaaaa,looks great, nice post:)
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