Retro in your Bedroom

When I first started working, I promised myself that I should save up so that I can renovate my room but damn, that was so hard to do especially that there's H&M, Forever 21, Topshop etc. everywhere in my country and trust me, I'm working so hard to make that goal possible but... that just seems impossible. Well, if ever a miracle would shine upon me and stop me from shopping, I guess the theme of my room would be "London" because it's my favorite place in the whole wide world. 

Now, speaking of bedroom concepts I have some ideas about it. If ever I'll not be able to do the "London" theme room, there's always gonna be Paris, a minimalistic theme or a retro one. The retro one is sort of like Taylor Swift meets the cool chic, that would be with a complete vinyl player, some heart shaped things in red and polkadots. The great thing about having a retro theme is that the materials and supplies to be used are everywhere! Just for example, you can always incorporate polkadots with your curtains --- just like what I saw at they've got some really nice Polka Dot Curtains.

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