Convertible Bridesmaid Dress by Cocomelody

There are a few basic reasons why would I choose a site amongst my favourite, I usually prefer shops that have great clothing designs, good quality, something that I can wear in a tropical country because yes, it's hard to keep up with this weather and those shops that is always on trend. I mean those are just a few things to love about a shop, right? Now, if a shop was created because the owner can definitely relate to a buyer's problem... now that's what really makes a store my top favorite! 

Let me introduce you to Cocomelody, it's an online shop that specializes with anything a girl would wear on a wedding day. I'm talking about wedding dresses, unique bridesmaid dresses 2015, acessories, bridal party outfits etc. It seems like an ordinary shop, isn't it? But I found myself very surprised when I read about the story behind this shop! I almost wanted to hug Miranda upon finding out that she wanted to help other brides-to-be and offer dream wedding dresses that are also within the budget. 

The great thing about this shop is that they offer innovative dresses that are within anyone's budget, make sure to visit the Bridesmaid Dresses under $100 and every piece definitely looks like it came from a Taylor Swift music video. This dress I am going to show is a convertible bridesmaid dress which is definitely sent from heaven because you will never go out style *cue Taylor Swift's song* , you can style it in many ways and also it's available in a shorter version (more like a ballerina type) and in different colors. Make sure to check out the photos below or visit their website to view more products!

Charming A-Line Sweetheart Natural Floor Length Chiffon Orange Sleeveless Zipper Infinite Convertible Bridal Party Bridesmaid Dress with Sash and Draped Streamers


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    Whenever I have a wedding to go to, I already know where to go shop! ;) thanks for the tip

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  3. That's one great idea for a dress! I'll know where to go to next year when I will have to get a dress for a wedding! Really useful post thank you!


  4. Perfect post. I like it a lot. :)