The Age of Digital Nomads

Believe it or not, I have been blogging since I was 14! Internet has been in my life since the beginning and thru blogging I have also been learning a lot of HTML, CSS, PHO codes, the art of layout designing etc. It’s hard not to be able top open my facebook or instagram even just for a day and I always never sleep without opening at least one of my social networking sites but I always balance my work in the hotel and my part-time work at home which is being a blogger.

Today, we are called the “digital nomads”… people who balance real-life work and work through the internet. To be honest, being a digital nomad myself lets me earn and enjoy what I’m doing as a blogger. However, in spite of all these perks there will be always a consequence and that is your own privacy. You post tons of photos of you, information and your internet security is also not safe! How did I found out about this? Well, it’s because ExpressVPN has this article on their website about how digital nomads (like you and me) can protect ourselves in the internet.

They have tips for you to do that don’t even require any computer expertise or magic skills! I would definitely follow them as soon as I finish this post because I really wanted to let you know that nobody is safe in the internet as long as you follow the tips on ExpressVPN!