Bandage Bikinis for Summer 2015!

Summer isn’t over yet! Especially now that I’ve found some cool bandage bikinis that is perfect for a sunny weather by the beach and reading your favorite book while getting a tan. As far as I’m concerned, June should be the start of the rainy season however, if you live in a tropical country like me --- it’s always 90% summer.

Bandage Bikinis will bring out your sexiness in an instant and what’s even awesome is that it comes with many designs so, you can choose what bikini suits you best. I actually found out about it through, Kiss Miss. The name of the website automatically feels so sexy in the ear! Make sure to visit their wide range of bikinis here. In the meantime, here’s some of the bandage bikinis that I would like to wear (once I have that Victoria Secret angel body hahaha).

VS Cutout One-piece Red Orange Bandage Swimwear - This first bandage swimsuit will bring the boys out! I love how beautiful and complicated the design is because it looks really sexy and unique at the beach or pool.

Black And White Sexy Two Piece Bandage Bikini - You guys know how much I love wearing black and even in a swimwear, how could I not pick this sexy design? This is probably the simple version of the first swimwear I showed you.

Black And White New Hot Quality Bandage Bikini - And who would've thought black and white is also a thing now for a swimwear? The cuts on this one is just amazing and it almost looks like a mosaic kind of thing for me. 

Floral Printed Pattern Push-up Halter Vintage Bikini Set - The most colorful one out of the list of bandage swimsuits I suggested is this one, I love the pop of colors on the design and it just screams summer... don't you think?

Make sure to visit Kiss Miss for more bandage bikinis that I'm sure you'll be loving too! Can you believe that right after I discovered this site, I now workout everyday hahaha!