Time is Ticking with Rosegal

We all have that one accessory in our drawer that we need to wear everyday and you feel very uncomfortable when you’re not wearing it. As for me, it’s impossible for me not to go to work without wearing my watch and it’s always the best and useful accessory when you go out. I always make it a point that the watch I’m wearing would always be appropriate with the place I’m going. If I’m going to work, a watch with leather straps will always make you look like very professional, a watch with rubber/jelly straps during a fun pop up event with your friends, a silver metallic watch is perfect to wear during a casual/dinner event with your friends or family and of course, a gold metallic watch will always be the perfect accessory to watch .
Well to give good news, I found out that www.rosegal.com provides some wonderful watches that can accessorize any look. Just look at these photos and see for yourself:

For any travel bugs out there, this is the watch that would definitely represent “you”. The map design is such a great detail, take a look here!

Feeling bit boho-ish? This watch is the perfect one for you! I can almost imagine Vanessa Hudgens wearing it! And it's also just $3.68 (omg can you believe it?) view it here.

And if you're really girly, this watch is just for you! You can also wear this when you're wearing any pastel-colored dress because you can never go wrong with a floral print accessory for an outfit like that.

If you want to see more, I suggest you visit their website and browse more amazing designs that can totally complete outfit. It's always a fun idea to incorporate any of your accessory with your outfit, I think it's so creative and just super fun to do.