The Anakiki Collection by StyleWe

I am absolutely in dire need of a shopping day and with my work hours, it's just impossible to have one. I am just either at work or at stuck at home to rest but good thing, there's internet everywhere so that I can do online shopping anytime and anywhere I want. If I were to pick where a girl can shop, I suggest Stylewe --- Designers at your Fingertips it's one of those shops that introduce us to different designers so, that they can present their collection to customers. It's such a great way to help those talented designers to show their designs all over the world and to be know.

A certain collection got my attention and everything is just so dreamy and seems like it's fresh off from a runway. I would really love to wear and shoot them like in a magazine! It's the ANAKIKI collection designed by Anna Yang -- she is an independent designer born in the family of tailors and at the very young age of 8, she started to show signs of being interested in the world of fashion and design. It's not surprising that her collection was already included in China fashion week and become  a recommended designer in London fashion week. The ANAKIKI collection definitely scream a modern, fun, ridiculous and anti-traditional designs. Here are some of them: