Reasons for Purchasing Wedding Dresses from Jusere

If you want to get enough profits in the wedding dress market, the direct way is control the purchase cost, that's why many people from all over the world visits China just to go for a shopping spree. China has the world's most garment processing enterprises, of course including a large number of wedding dress manufacturers. But how can customers find and review these factories? It would be a big problem for many people who are not familiar with them. China wedding dress factories are mainly concentrated in Guangzhou and Suzhou, the number of Suzhou's wedding dress factories are near to 1000, it will spend a lot of time and energy to put out one to work with. Jusere is one of the many China wedding factories, if you are interested in this market, below contents you may be interested.

Professional Worker in Jusere

Jusere Wedding & Evening Dress Co., Ltd was established in 2002, it's a large factory with more than 500 people today from just a dozen people when it began, it took a total of 15 Years. In the past 15 years, Jusere become the most representative of the wedding dress manufacturer in Suzhou, with its diverse styles, excellent workmanship, and unique design advantages to customers. During February and July every year, Jusere holds a trade show to present new products and to show hundreds of new styles for buyers.

Usually when working with wedding dress manufacturers, there many problems to consider, such as price, quality, MOQ, payment method, transport way etc. To solve these problems, let see what the advantages Jusere has.

No MOQ limit: most factories have a MOQ limit, the reason is that to obtain lower prices of raw materials and ensure lower production cost. However, small and medium enterprises will have more requirements for customized demand. Jusere has no MOQ limit; it means customers could buy the most styles for a cheap price. At the same time Jusere provides professional customized services if you want a more personalized product, there will be a special designer to coordinate.

A professional design team: As many years ago, Jusere has realized that if you want to be successful for a long time they must have their own design team, no matter if it's just by building their own brands or cooperate with customers in the future, it will play a big role. Whether the factory is equipped with a design team, it is an important focus point for some middle and small retailers. If the factory could provide their own products, then retailers will save the design cost and processing cost, and get higher competitiveness in the local market.

A large selection of product inventory: an indisputable fact is that factories usually doesn't have an inventory of products for sale; one important reason is they don’t have channels to sell these products; inventory products will only take up their own funds. In Suzhou, wedding dress production time is 1-2 months, although the production time is relatively short, but for some customers who want to get products immediately, inventory products will be more attractive. Jusere has two large stores and a grand showroom in Suzhou with nearly 10000 products for customers to choose from.

In fact, if you want to find a long-term cooperation with the manufacturers, the best way is to visit their factories directly and communicate with them face to face. You could know their ability in shortest time, and at the same, they will think you tend to cooperate with them.

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