Chateau Hestia Garden Restaurant

My friends would ask me why I always wanted to try out and explore different restaurants --- it's because I wanted to discover new places and try out different cuisines. And Chateau Hestia Garden Restaurant in Tagaytay is by far my favorite restaurant which I've discovered because of the vibe and the dining experience. Although it was pretty hard to locate their restaurant, the place is worth it! I've always liked restaurants which we can dine in and I could take my outfit photos and for some reason, Chateau Hestia is perfect for that.

A one-hour drive from the city and you'll find peace and quiet whilst dining in their little restaurant that provides delicious food that I'm still craving about even after months of tasting it. The photos may not provide justice on how beautiful this place is but once you step foot inside their area, I bet you'll be instgramming every corner! 

The place is a hidden gem and they also offer bed and breakfast for people who wants to have an overnight stay far from the metro. The dining area itself feels very home-y but with an elegant vibe to it. They also have a little wine, cheese and pastries corner that guests can avail.

Their menu offers international cuisine and I might say, a bit pricey. But well, if you're looking for a different environment, you might want to add up Chateau Hestia on the list. We just ordered 3 dishes from the menu and it's already good for 5 pax. My favorite of all would be our appetizer, Focacia bread with Eggplant Dip, the bread was freshly baked from the oven and very tasty.

LOCATION: J. Hernandez Stree, Cavite Purok 5, Brgy. Bukal, Silang, Cavite, Silang, Cavite

CONTACT NO.: 09297113289 | Like Chateau Hestia on Facebook

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