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Pervert Paradise: Stronger & Better

What Happened?

On November 23rd, the Pervert Paradise Discord server was nuked without warning from Discord. Our server was at 10,000+ members. Our server was filled with valuable resources, history, content, and more. It was a shitty loss and panic inducing.

We can't be sure why it happened as Discord didn't communicate with us and the reason why doesn't matter in the long run. How we react is what matters.

Pervert Paradise Future

Mack & Katie, the owners of Pervert Paradise, acted quick and fast. In less than 24 hours, we started a server held on RocketChat with full ownership. Our dedication to creating a 100% safe, legal, and kink friendly space lives on in this new space and when we are fully functional there, will be stronger and better and not reliant on a place like Discord that doesn't understand our harm reduction mission.

How to Join Us

Our new website is in beta mode, but we are open and accepting new members! Just keep in mind, if the website is down and not functioning, be patient as we are experiencing growing pains. Join the new Pervert Paradise.

The new server functions in a browser or there is a desktop app you can download from RocketChat.

You can join on a mobile device by downloading RocketChat in your app store and putting in the app when prompted for the first time.

We also have a Pervert Support Discord server that is dedicated to holding our weekly support groups and relaying new website information and support. Find the discord server here.

Change is hard and scary, but change can bring better things. Our founding mission to providing a safe space for our members will never die.


Miss Beatrix

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