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So You Want To Be An Online Sex Worker?


I'm a sex worker. My full time job is to turn people on and help them orgasm. And I love my job. Even better, I make more money than I ever have, but I do work my ass off.

Do not assume that being an online sex worker is easy. It takes dedication, hard work, organization, motivation, to name just a few. If you work your ass off though, it can be a very lucrative and fun job!

I'm going to list my top five tips for new and even applicable to experienced sex workers.

To hear more about online sex work tips, stream my podcast episode here:

Top 5 Tips For Succeeding at Online Sex Work

Tip 1: Find Your Niches

You should pick at least 3 fetish niches you are passionate and knowledgeable about. Niches are particular fetishes, like feet, cuckold, worn panties, or sissification. To give an example, the femdom fetish is broad and encompasses a lot and is not what I would consider a niche. Sissy or feminization within femdom is a niche. The reasoning for this is you want to capture and master niches and the fans within them. If you're good at it, you will have customers for the lifetime of your career.

Tip 2: Keep At It

Chances are you will not be successful overnight. Don't expect to set up your profile and immediately gain a shit ton of customers. It takes time to reel them in. Give it at least 3 months of good effort.

Tip 3: Research Top Content Creators

Whatever type of online sex work you are interested in doing, research the top content creators to see what and how they're doing things. Want to be a cam girl? Go on chaturbate and watch popular creators. Want to be a porn clip creator? Go to the top creators' profiles and watch their trailers. Read reviews. Don't ever copy, but it is valuable, especially as a newbie, to see how they are doing things.

Tip 4: Love Sex and Kink

If you don't love sex and kink, don't waste your time. Customers can tell if you're just running through the motions and faking it. Guys will come back every time if they can tell you're into it, having fun, and getting turned on.

Tip 5: Run It Like a Business

Be organized, prompt, and professional. So much porn is free, so if someone is opening their wallet for an online sexual experience, give them their money's worth. This will keep customers back to you and paying you again.

I have a lot more to say on this topic because I am passionate about sex work and would for everyone to be successful! Check out episode 10 to hear more. Follow the Slut Next Door podcast for more kinky episodes and more.

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