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Taboo Audio Announcement

If you are a fan of my taboo content and services, this message is for you. My no limits, taboo services will no longer include publicly posted audios.

If you would like to experience these type of services, I still offer taboo phone sex, custom audios, and private collection vault of audios. As of this date, there are 300+ audios in there. It's a deep and dark vault that'll send you into taboo heaven.

The reason why is my own personal choice. As you probably already know, I am a true lover of taboo and that will never change. This is why I'm still offering those services, just on more of private, intimate level.

To be completely frank, I believe taboo is more exciting and thrilling on that intimate level. For one, taboo is hot because, well, it's taboo. The fact that it feels wrong is what draws so many of us to it. Additionally, I think too many people don't understand the depths of the kink and for me, I'd rather not push it into the light and force people to understand at my expense.

So, if you ever feel that craving for those depraved and dark fantasies, visit my contact page. I'm always happy and aroused to feed your taboo desires!



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