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Serve Goddess Beatrix


Goddess Beatrix Vale is a seraphic practitioner of erotic hypnosis and gentle, sensual dominance. She weaves stories out of the threads she pulls from the imaginations of her subjects and unfurls them through her recordings for you to experience. She will draw you in with her seductive voice and wrap you in her irresistible web of erotic bliss.

Goddess Beatrix Vale is capricious yet caring, sadistic yet sincere, relentless yet respectful. Goddess Beatrix will listen to your entreaties and explore your interests as well as kinks and fetishes, to engage you as a whole person. In addition to her posts and recordings within her
Loyalfans fan site, she strives to chat with her subjects directly so that they understand that they matter. Her philosophy is that being a submissive does not mean being “less than” but rather being generous with your control and trust, and she seeks to earn both for your mutual benefit.

Goddess Beatrix Vale delights in your eagerness to demonstrate your submission through acts of passion, denial, adoration, and subservience. She takes genuine pleasure in the desperation and vulnerability you choose to experience through her direction. Her mindfuckery is peerless and unrelenting, deliciously insidious.

If you are new to Goddess Beatrix Vale, she has
introduction files that will help to acquaint you with her style of seduction and hypnosis. You can also find public posted hypnotic sessions on Pornhub.

Once you experience Goddess Beatrix’s erotic dominance and seductive, hypnotic voice, you will want to fall even deeper into her irresistible web. Her
Loyalfans subscription site is the best way to dive deeper into her growing catalogue of audios with a monthly subscription (only $5), as well as bonus audio series and one-on-one interactions you cannot get anywhere else. You can also purchase audios without subscribing in her audio store.

All of her public files are posted in her
Discord server, as well as having a private section for Loyalfan subscribers.

Goddess Beatrix Vale welcomes worship and servitude in a multitude of ways, including no cost and budget friendly.

Ways to Serve Goddess Beatrix

  • Subscribe to Goddess Beatrix’s Loyalfans. If you can’t subscribe, become a free fan.

  • Purchase audios from her audio store.

  • Follow Goddess on Twitter. Interact, comment, retweet, and like her posts and updates.

  • Subscribe to Goddess’s Pornhub. Like and interact with her public postings.

  • Follow Goddess on Reddit and upvote and comment on her posts.

  • Show appreciation and devotion by using her Wishtender. Goddess Beatrix welcomes tributes.

  • Spoil Goddess with gifts from her Throne or Amazon wishlist.

  • Schedule a live phone session with Goddess Beatrix using her Calendly.

  • Order a custom audio from Goddess here.

  • Join Goddess’s Discord server and interact.

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