Wedding by the Beach by Amandadress

Planning to have your wedding next year? Well, I think it's perfect to have a beach wedding soon! With the scorching sun, the white sand, the beautiful ocean --- I'm proud to say that my country has the beaches in the world, name it! We have Coron, Boracay, El Nido etc. so, you don't have to worry about the setting but a wedding dress, is one big problem! You need a wedding dress that can match your theme and be the goddess on your very special day. I can't think of any other website than Amandadress to help you pick out the wedding dress that you're going to wear for your beach wedding. Just take a look at these gorgeous Cheap Beach Wedding Dresses Australia.

Chic Midi Skirts this Season by Stylewe

In my country, it’s no longer summer but it still feels like summer because of the unbearable heat we have been experiencing for the past few days and living in a tropical country, there’s no doubt we celebrate summer all throughout the year. We wear the lightest and most comfortable we can get from our closet and honestly, it’s so hard to be stylish during these times. That is why when I shop for clothes, I always intend to choose a light clothing which already have “style”.

Walk the Aisle with Amodalbridal

The struggle is real when you're planning for the biggest day on your life! It's that time where you tie the knot with the love of your life and all of your family and friends are there to witness it. Girls may call this as a their dream because you get to have your own fairytale for a day. From the flower arrangement up to the wedding dress that you're going to wear, it's just so stressful to choose. But no worries, Amodalbridal is here to help you pick cheap wedding dresses.

Winter Wonderland with Fashionmia

It's almost Christmas time and that just means it's time for some layering! Next month, other countries will be having tons of snow out in the streets and for us here in Asia? Hopefully a cold weather because I need to put my jackets into good use. But, the weather is not a hindrance for us not to be stylish at all! You only need a winter coat or jackets for women that completely screams out "style" when you wear them.

Make it Quick

Currently cleaning up old files from my laptop and found a bunch of unpublished photos waiting to be edited and feature here on my blog. I've been meaning to post this a long time ago however, I just can't seem to find the right time to do so. There is no better way than to spend a rainy afternoon in the bed and just browse instagram photos for inspiration --- and that's what I've been doing lately.