Shopping galore with Rosegal

Lately, I have been very busy with work and sad to say… that made me missed all the sales at the mall and the weekends wherein shopping must be done. That is why I’ve been hooked with online shopping and recently found some amazing online shops, which caters a lot of trendy clothes and hot accessories for this season! But, I must say, my favorite of all of them is --- Rosegal.

Little Black Dress by Vows Love

Every girl has that classic little black dress in her wardrobe; it’s almost the basic clothing a girl can ever have. Having such dress makes your life a whole lot easier since it can be worn on different occasions depending on how you mix and match your accessories and shoes with it. As for me, I always like it if my little black dresses can keep up with the trend and still on style even after how many years of being stuck in the closet that is why, I’ve prepared some suggestions for all of you to get the perfect one!

Feeling a Little Blue

am probably one of the worst promise keeper in the entire blogosphere because I have not published any outfit photos for the past few weeks (tried my best though) but having been able to spend some time with my workmates in a resort, I got the opportunity to have a quick shoot by the pool. I apologize for the lack of creativity for the set of photos since "professional" shooting is not allowed inside the premises (according to the security guard) and given the fact that we are such good girls and don't want to be banned, we decided to do a 5-minute shoot.

I've Got my Eyes on You

pparently, it's the weekend and also my day-off but it has been a bed weather all day long thus... making me very lazy to even dress up and that is why, I decided to go for a very casual look. But first things first, I just need to say thank you to the sky for not raining whilst we were shooting, to Rosegal for providing me with a very trusted gray sweater that made me feel like one of those Tumblr girls and to Blackfive for granting my wish to have the eye-patchwork loafers and this cute bunny ears shoulder bag that I have been constantly using especially when I just need money and my phone to survive a day at the mall full of guilty pleasures. I ordered them just two weeks ago and from my experience, it usually takes a month and a half for items from international online shops to be delivered but to my surprise, the loafers and bag was shipped quicker than the usual. I absolutely recommend scrolling through their shop and you might just find something on your wishlist!

Christmas Bedding from Bedding Inn

Can't believe it's already the start of "Ber" months that just means it's that time of the year again where the streets are going to be filled with lights, the weather having it's cool breeze and endless shoppers going out and about at the mall to find gifts for their loved ones or just to buy everything that's on sale. That is why, I've prepared this post to share some hot items on sale that's perfect for the Christmas season from Beddinginn!

Break Free

I am absolutely obsessed with Ariana Grande's new song "Break Free" and it's currently my most played song for this week thus, I kind of incorporated this outfit to Ariana's style and the song's music video. Went a little casual for this look and pretend I'm in Los Angeles being photographed by paparazzi's as I make my way to the pizza parlour that is why I had my Primark strappy heels and Dressve classy bag to make me look like a celebrity (or one of my pegs, Aimee Song). Anyway, I tried to mix and match some new stuff on my closet that needs to be posted including the denim vest from New Look which I bought in London a few months ago, my inner peplum top from Dresslily that reminds me so much of Ari's sweet style and being a ballerina (thus, I changed my hairstyle into a bun for this look). I also accessorised my look by wearing an awesome unicorn earring from Bornpretty store and a silver cuff from The VII Shop that has been stuck in my drawer for over a year now because I really don't know where to wear it nor what outfit would it match but thanks to Ari's music video, I finally convinced myself to put it in my wrist and pretend I'm part of the legendary Star Wars.

Easy Breezy

tried my very best to publish another outfit post before the month of August ends and well, here it is! I finally got to drag myself out of my bedroom since the rainy weather has been making lazy (all the time) and it's such a hassle to shoot when it's raining but luckily, mister sun decided to show up and gave the perfect lightning as I shoot these photos in a garden. I woke up a bit early and put on my make-up which by the way, I have been experimenting to do and making it possible to do for just 5 minutes but I'm not a make up guru so that's one of the things that I should practice more in the next few days. Well, talking about make ups... maybe I should invest more, don't you think? I'm pretty much going crazy on Zalora's make up collection! I now know the feeling of a girl that feels like something is missing when she doesn't have any lipstick on that is why I am currently on the lookout on the perfect shade of lipstick from Zalora's website.