Neil's Kitchen in Alabang

A great restaurant for me comes with a great food, good service and a picturesque place! Trust me when I say, Bonelli's by Neil's Kitchen got it all. Their building looks like it's part of Santorini's architecture and you'll automatically feel like you're part of a storybook once you're inside. You have to climb up the staircase to get to the main dining area and once you reach the top floor... you'll be delighted to know that every corner is just instagram worthy! There's an area in Neil's Kitchen (almost separated from the rest of the tables) where it looks like a mini library and this part can also be a bit of a private space for you and your friends, juts make sure you'll make a reservation.

Bridesmaid Dresses On Point

Another fairytale story was revealed in the Philippine television and of course, all of us girls wanted to have that kind of story in the future. That kind when a boy cries and smile in awe when he sees his soon-to-be wife walking down the aisle and wearing a beautiful wedding gown. It's almost impossible to have your own perfect wedding with the most amazing wedding theme, beautiful gown and those bridesmaid dresses that fits beautifully. Well, I've always thought about what kind of bridesmaid dresses would be perfect for my friends and I think the best shop to supply those dresses is Aistyle. Can you believe that customers can save 15% on 4+ bridesmaid dresses? That's such a great deal.

Fast and Reliable Delivery by US Go Buy

I've always loved online shopping! May it be thru instagram shops, ebay or any international shops that catches my attention. However, living in Southeast Asia is a bit of a problem since most of the shops does not really ship here in Asia or if they do, the cost is a bit price-y which is a definitely no for me since i wanna save money as much as I can if I do online shopping. Most of the shops in the United States where I wanted to order only provides local shipping and that is just a disappointment knowing that they should also give consideration to their international customers. Thank goodness, USGo.Buy provides USA parcel forwarding to other countries!

How Do You Choose Which Parcel Service To Use?

Do you need to ship parcels but are not little sure what you should be looking for when it comes to selecting a perfect parcel courier? If this sound like you, then be alert not all parcel couriers are the same or offer the same levels of services when it comes to delivering and collecting parcels to your customers.

A Day at Yoki's Farm, Tagaytay

Remember my staycation at Wilson's Place Tagaytay? Well, here's (somewhat) a continuation of it! This place is also owned by the same family who owns Wilson's Place and you'll get  to enjoy a day tour at Yoki's Farm (for walk-in visitors, entrance fee is Php 100.00/person). There will be a tour guide to show you around the place of the hydroponics farm where they get their supplies of fresh vegetables served in their B&B place (they are also on sale so, you can prepare your own fresh homade salad!), the garden full of different orchids, the mini zoo which features some amazing birds that according to our tour guide costs hundreds of pesos and lastly, the huge collection of antiques by the owner.