Stuck like a Statue

As much as I love wearing jackets and coats there just one problem, I mean a big one... I live in a tropical country and when you visit one of the coldest place in your country, you just have to make the most of it and I mean, wear your newest coat and never been used boots. We stayed overnight in a dainty and almost private hotel in Tagaytay city called Wilson's place (more about that later) and across our room is this little corner filled with bronze sculptures that made it easy for me to choose where to shoot this outfit.

From U.S.A with love

Living in Asia is no joke, especially if you're a girl like me who likes to shop virtually... may it be in forever 21 online shop usa, tiffany online shop usa, Nike online shop worlwide or Levi us. But, shopping has never been easy especially upon checking out and it's probably because of the shipping fee! I mean sometimes, they costs more compared on what I've actually ordered and it just sucks because it's gonna be one of the reasons why I can never order from their site.

Wigs on Point

I know its not Halloween nor any other day that requires you to buy something very different but I’m pretty sure we all have that time in our lives that we just wanna play dress up and pretend we are someone else just for example an anime or just a simple Hollywood celebrity. As for me, I want to play dress up and pretend I’m Ariana Grande and what’s the best way to complete a Grande look or just any other look? Wear a wig! Wigs for women are pretty much the hair we wanted to accomplish but apparently, thousands of dollars will have to be spent so, we girls will always choose the budget friendly pieces which we call “womens wigs”. Go check out Wigsbuy for more!

Send it with Love

Mother's day is coming and we all know the dilemma of being someone's daughter/son because it's a requirement that at least need to get something for our moms out there who have been sacrificing a lot and sometimes, they would eve live in another country and work while away from their loved ones. And how can you even forget to send them gifts? But I know how hard  and expensive it is to ship internationally but hey, I've got the solution for that.

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Acessorize your Hair

During the past few years, I've always got short hair and sometimes I wished I could style them more during my shoots or just out with the family or my friends but of course, it would definitely take more time to prepare myself and that means waking up very early which is very hard for me (who can relate to this one?) that is why I realised at that moment that I should've gotten some human hair extensions especially when I found about good hair extensions, their high quality clip in hair extensions on sale is made out of 100% human hair so you don't have to worry about the quality or texture. What makes it more amazing is no one can know the difference between your real hair and the human hair extensions.