Plaid and Pizza lovin'

I can't believe I only have one post for the month of March, how did that happen? Hahaha! As much as I would like to enjoy the sunshine in the Philippines, I am definitely missing the snow flurries in London -- like what I've experienced a year ago (please take me back, so I can wear boots again!). Due to my mind saying "go wear boots but you can't so better wear sneaker wedges instead" as well as my obsession when it comes to browsing Kendall and Kylie Jenner's style, I decided to give it a try and wore this 'Kalifornia' girl inspired outfit which may confuse everyone if I'm a hipster or a skater girl in town. My muscle tee from Dresslily is such a saviour in this hot weather! I am obviously going to wear this often especially since it's summer. On the other hand, my plaid polo shirt from Frontrowshop definitely gave the K&K Jenner vibe on my look... I am absolutely lovin' the trend of having plaid polo shirt wrapped around your waist.

Anyway, I am trying my best to finish blogging all of the gifts from my sponsors and visit more interesting restaurants in town, diet is not an option especially when it's summertime. Yesterday, we tried the famous Project Pie, a restaurant wherein you can customize your own pizza! It was definitely a brilliant idea to make anyone who loves pizza say "pizza is always the answer" or "make pizza, not war" (as quoted from a Twitter account dedicated to pizza). Well, I believe I am now part of the pizza community and should I just finish this post by saying... let the pizza addiction continue!

(Philadelphia Tiger Printed Top - c/o Dresslily, White shorts - Primark UK, Plaid Polo - c/o Frontrowshop, Sneaker Wedges - Primark UK, Moustache Ring - c/o Personalized Accessories)

Summertime calls for Burgers!

I am finally back from the sudden hiatus because of my finals but it's almost over now and I finally got some time to eat out and take photos for my blog! Over the past few weeks, I have been constantly bugging my friends to have some legit burger (by legit, I mean... not from McDonalds or any fast-food) and then I found out about a restaurant called "Flip Eat Burger" which is a bit near from my house. Thus, I am here to make you hungry by posting these fries and burger photos! (From top-bottom) We ordered the Tapa Burger, BLT, Flip Eat Burger, Hawaiian (which is my fave of all!) and Flip Eat fries. I absolutely love everything and didn't even managed to use knives and forks because of our excitement and well, it's better to eat burgers with your hands hahaha! Although, I was expecting the fries to be sort of like In N' Out's but still... I would definitely suggest everyone to go try Flip Eat Burger.

Little Café Noriter

Apparently, I haven't been able to take photos for my blog posts this March! However, I decided to review my drafts and publish this outfit photos from last year (probably from August). Having college friends with the same interests with you is one thing that's very special especially when that interest is eating out on an interesting cafe/restaurant. Sometimes, college life is also about satisfying your tummy with your friends!

You're my Cuppy Cake

This might be my perfect post-Valentines outfit which is made possible by one of my generous sponsors, Sammydress. Spent the afternoon at a super dainty restaurant in the metro while casually sitting in their chair which matches my floral printed dress --- I honestly felt like I was part of the interior design though. This dress that I picked out from Sammydress is definitely one of those dresses hanging in a Barbie closet and it is by far the girliest apparel on my closet and I'm completely fine with that... especially when I can wear it during an afternoon tea soon and pretend I'm in a doll house.

Gone with the Wind

This is a set of photos from another weekend food trip with my family where we indulged ourselves with original Filipino foods which include those you can see in the street! We discovered this awesome restaurant called "Sarsa" located a bit far from the main mall owned by Chef JP Anglo, one of the judges on Junior Masterchef. We ordered the Tokwa't Baboy, Sarsa Regular Batchoy, Panit (chicken skin), Isaw (chicken intestine) and Isol (chicken tail). Everything was by far more delicious than what you can taste on the streets and also much safer hahaha! It was definitely a great restaurant to dine especially if you wanted to try out some Filipino delicacies plus the service was quick.

The early bird gets the worm!

Got so much to blog about my last weekend so, here's the first set of from my Sunday food trip with my family. We've been a fan of Early Bird Breakfast Club ever since I discovered that they have "Butterbeer" on their menu (Harry Potter fans will definitely like it!) and so, we decided to have our brunch there and ordered the Yin Yang Champorado, Adobo Sunrise paired with my favorite drink ---Butterbeer, Eggs Benedict paired with Oreo Snowflake, French Toast Fondue which has a very interesting design because you will dip the toast on an eggshell and Viva Longganisa then had our merienda and ordered their fries. This place is a great place to eat out with your friends and family, I love the food design in every cuisine and their awesome employees! The best time to visit Early Bird is during afternoon or dinner.

Almost Lolita

This is my take on going lolita -- well, almost. The cute polkadot swimsuit from Primark partnered with my heart-shaped sunglasses that Firmoo sent me way back in summer is probably the only proof that this outfit is inspired with the idea of being lolita and as much as I wanted to try the full lolita look, I don't think it will suit me nor any cosplay or Asian inspired outfits hahaha! Anyway, my friend helped me shoot this outfit before hitting the beach whilst soaking in the sun and doing some recreational activities like being thrown away in the banana boat with my friends.