Tonchaya: Japanese Kitchen & Bar

Finally adding a category on my blog on #wheretoeat in the city (you can view some of them under the categories menu). This time, I am featuring Tonchaya: Japanese Kitchen & Bar at Bonifacio High Street located at The Fort Strip. Once in a while, my family would eat a non-Filipino cuisine and on that day, we tried to eat the Japanese way ---- ordering some of our favorite Japanese dishes including Okonomiyaki and Gyudon on a hot summer day! We enjoyed their food and decided to bring home some of them because the serving is just too big for three people and knowing that, it's safe to say that the price is just right for the dishes.

Fringed Out

hen there's a lot of music festivals happening throughout the world, opened by the most famous Coachella I can't help but feel a little bit jealous over the fact that amazing musicians are going to perform, there's an all day-all night party with your friends and wearing a boho-themed that looks like you're out of the Pocahontas movie looks normal to everyone's eye. But not everyone, can attend --- including me! This outfit is the best way I can welcome the festival season and also my "let's pretend i'm attending coachella" look thus, the best way to do it is by wearing a gorgeous crochet fringe top from and acessorize it by making use of a lovely butterfly clutch (can also be used as a shoulder bag) which are both from Dresslink.

Staycation: Wilson's Place Tagaytay

s promised, here is a special post from last month's staycation at Wilson's Place Tagaytay. I couldn't think of a better way to welcome summer than staying overnight in a comfy bed in a bed and breakfast place and floating around on a donut inflatable in a huge pool the whole sunny day and being far away from the busy city is just a plus. The whole place is absolutely filled with a lot of unique things, there are sculptures everywhere (proof is on this post), the main reception/dining area is colorful like springtime (check out my other post for that), there are different chairs in each table and matches very well together with the whole room's design in a very unique way. To be honest, I almost wanted to take home one of their chairs!

It was pretty amazing knowing that we were the only ones who were checked in that day. The staff were very nice to assist us in almost everything, they're very accommodating and makes us feel at home all the time. Our room called "Rose", which is just across the area filled with statues is awesome (sadly, we automatically jumped on our beds and I forgot to take photos) and actually it's quite big for four people. Our stay includes dinner and breakfast and I just wanted to say that we are not really fond of "healthy living" and eating greeny stuff all the time but at Wilson's Place --- they will prepare the healthiest and delicious set of meal. I just couldn't let go of their salad which we had for dinner!

It's great to be able to discover places like this, especially those that is pet-friendly and budget wise! If you know more places like this, please let me know and I'll be happy to explore and share them on my blog. In the meantime, make sure to check out the photos below.

Wilson's Place is located at Maglabe Drive, Tagaytay, Tagaytay City. For more information about Wilson's Place make sure to follow and like them on Facebook.

The Perfect Prom Dress

I know that we all have the dilemma of picking the perfect prom dress or graduation ball gown --- like, I did! But there’s nothing to worry about because Ms. Dress is here to be the one who can give your dream prom dresses uk and shine like a diamond on the night that you’ve been waiting for.

Walk the Aisle with Style

Aisle Style, a one stop shop for all your bridesmaid and evening dresses needs is finally here! We all know that a night out with your friends and family is a very special day in someone’s life that is why Aisle Style is the perfect shop to visit and find the the dress for you to wear. Since it is an online shop that ships all over the world, they have tons of dresses to choose from that will definitely satisfy your need to have a beautiful dress for your bridesmaids or for you on an evening affair.