Make it Quick

Currently cleaning up old files from my laptop and found a bunch of unpublished photos waiting to be edited and feature here on my blog. I've been meaning to post this a long time ago however, I just can't seem to find the right time to do so. There is no better way than to spend a rainy afternoon in the bed and just browse instagram photos for inspiration --- and that's what I've been doing lately.

Fairytale Dresses by Modabridal

Are you planning for your big day this 2016? Still figuring out the details? Well, I'm here to help you with your wedding dress! For us girls, this is probably the hardest part of all because when we were little girls, we would dream over that day that we will look like a Disney princess and marry our Prince Charming. For me, I would always dream on what would be the design of my wedding dress and sometimes I'll imagine it! But, I just found out that Modabridal got some amazing designs of white wedding dresses that I wouldn't mind wearing on my special day.

Reasons for Purchasing Wedding Dresses from Jusere

If you want to get enough profits in the wedding dress market, the direct way is control the purchase cost, that's why many people from all over the world visits China just to go for a shopping spree. China has the world's most garment processing enterprises, of course including a large number of wedding dress manufacturers. But how can customers find and review these factories? It would be a big problem for many people who are not familiar with them. China wedding dress factories are mainly concentrated in Guangzhou and Suzhou, the number of Suzhou's wedding dress factories are near to 1000, it will spend a lot of time and energy to put out one to work with. Jusere is one of the many China wedding factories, if you are interested in this market, below contents you may be interested.

Classy Jumpsuits by Stylewe

If you've been reading my blog, you'll observe that most of my outfits are dresses or paired with skirts. I mean it's an absolute requirement for us girls but right now, I'm into jumpsuits. I'm trying to experiment with other kinds of apparel and I must say, jumpsuits make you even more classy and you can pair it up with any heels and you'll definitely feel like you have long legs.

Like a Sailor

Not really the best time to post these photos from months ago since it's raining for the past few days but hey, I just need to show you this New York Army Anchor Design Polo shirt from Great Value Plus (currently on sale too!). Back to when it was still sunny and a perfect day for a staycation, I get to wear this casual look --- all thanks to Great Value Plus for letting me pick this one from their website. I only own three polo shirts so, this one is a perfect addition!