Day Off at Nailtensity Nail Salon and Day Spa

Straight from my night shift and before my flight to Singapore, I spent the whole day at a nail salon and day spa, just 10 minutes away from my home. I usually don't go to places like these because I prefer home service but visiting a dainty and cute nail salon like Nailtensity is an exception. Located in Robinson's place Imus, it's one of those shop that will catch every girl's eye because of the pastel colors and that huge Audrey Hepburn photo with a quote on the side which by the way, will make you stop and read (based on my experience!). 

Getting stylish with Nordstrom

USGoBuy helps you get stylish as it allows you to get branded products at a minimal rate. This international shipping company helps you buy products through them thereby acting as the middleman. Completely an American company the business house provides you with shipping services worldwide. USGoBuy has a dedicated team of officials. The company site provides you with the following link so that you can get information about various American brands.

Neil's Kitchen in Alabang

A great restaurant for me comes with a great food, good service and a picturesque place! Trust me when I say, Bonelli's by Neil's Kitchen got it all. Their building looks like it's part of Santorini's architecture and you'll automatically feel like you're part of a storybook once you're inside. You have to climb up the staircase to get to the main dining area and once you reach the top floor... you'll be delighted to know that every corner is just instagram worthy! There's an area in Neil's Kitchen (almost separated from the rest of the tables) where it looks like a mini library and this part can also be a bit of a private space for you and your friends, juts make sure you'll make a reservation.

Wedding Mania by

It’s almost the half of the year and I know that this is the season to spread happiness, love and joy but not only that… this is also the season for dream weddings under a cherry blossom or while in the beachfront. I believe that it’s the most romantic way to get married, a spring wedding day? Now, tell me who can resist that! With that, I am here to suggest the best designer gowns for bride on a wedding. 

Best Homecoming Dresses by Cocomelody

I just discovered a new shopping website which will make every girls feel like they're in an outer space filled with clothes, accessories, shoes etc. ---- this is Cocomelody! They are a reliable online website and provides various dresses as well as heels. They're aim is to offer each client the top quality services and guaranteed products. And of course, they always keep up with the fashion trends closely and provide girls with fashionable clothes that have high quality and is cheaper compared to other sites.