The Perfect Fit

I just finished watching a Korean series called “Pinocchio” and if you don’t know, I have such addiction towards the world of Korea and have been watching an entire 20 episodes for just only three days but that’s not what’s this post is all about. This is about champagne wedding dresses, I previously mentioned about the “Pinocchio” series and it’s because the last scene was when the couple was fitting their wedding attire – the groom on a tuxedo and the bride on a beautiful wedding dress.

Always Summer Somewhere

I've been contemplating whether or not to post this (almost outfit) photos from my trip to Boracay but I realised I haven't posted any outfit photos for a month now and so here it is! The intense summer heat motivated me to wear a brighter outfit color for the day and what better way to dress up in a bright colored neon bralet, white pleated skirt (which I got ages ago!), a beaded slippers that looks very boho and a boater hat which is a required accessory this summer season. I guess summer is not an exemption in accessorizing yourself because now, hair accessories is the perfect thing to wear.

Your 24/7 Catalogues

When I was in London, the first thing I did when I arrived was to shop at Oxford and Regent street and I have never been so happy in my life that time, there are a lot of shops in every corner --- everywhere is some sort of heaven for a shopaholic. Being a fan of walking in a city which I was not  really familiar made me realize something and that is UK has a wide range of various shopping needs. If someone talks about where to get the latest style and fashion, what automatically comes in my mind is the UK.

Flux | Relive Everything!

Every year, a renowned party has been gathering ravers all over the metro to party the night away. Ready you’re stilettos, make-up and your fashionista clothes as De La Salle University’s premiere student organization brings you again another epic night, with elements that has never been experienced at the party scene of Manila.

Boracay in a Nutshell

It's funny how much I missed doing video diaries and ever since I came back here in the Philippines, I couldn't make one since I practically don't travel enough or visit interesting places but that all changed when I went to take a short vacation with my friends and decided to go to Boracay. During this trip, I was practically the one who holds her camera 24/7 everywhere (maybe I'm exaggerating a bit on that one) and well, I just had to document everything we do... and the outcome? Finally a video diary! (see video above)

My Dresslink Wishlist

I am currently in the midst of torturing myself from looking at Dresslink's website and wishing to own every piece of their products. I think everything on their website looks absolutely stylish and affordable, I mean just take a look at their flash sale! $0.01 for a dress? Are you kidding me?! And that's not all they have, they also got some nice items for cute little babies and some lightning for your home. Need to say more?

The Ultimate Spring Dresses

Attention everyone, spring is coming! And it's time for a closet makeover... it's time to fill your closet with a lot of dresses and everything that is related to spring. This season is all about pastel colors, flowers and nature-related stuff and everytime I see that on any clothes, I feel like a princess sitting in the middle of a forest (reminds me of a scene in a Dinsey Princess movie). Now, I am currently on the look out for the ultimate dresses that I can wear this spring season and I think I found them at Zaful's website.