Casasilk’s Comfy Sleepwear

In case you haven’t read my first post about Casasilk, I featured a few of their beautiful beddings on sale and I figure out that I should post another category from their site which is about Casasilk's gorgeous sleepwear (both for men and women) that will absolutely make someone’s night and make them feel comfy enough sleeping in a Casasilk bedding as well as sleepwear. Now, did anyone say sleeping was unnecessary? I absolutely feel guilty now wearing some boring pajamas and sleeping on a cartoon-themed beddings because the ones in Casasilk’s website is just too good to be true.

Cheap Formal Dresses

Are you on a tight budget? But still wants to look good on a formal event may it be for work, for a family party or for school. Then, Formal Dresses Australia is here to change your life choices and will save you from your credit. I know it’s pretty hard to buy something that will look good on you, something that will make you pretty and eye-catching on the middle of the night but still cheap but I found out that this website offers more than just cheap formal dresses and a lot of designs but they offer something greater than that and that is the high quality of the clothing materials that they used.

Decorate your room with Casasilk

One of my greatest goal in life is actually decorate my own room, put up some wall decorations, change my bedsheets and curtains for better photo-ops and just basically renovate my whole room so that it'll reflect my personality and style. I was looking for some shops on where I can buy unique things for my room and luckily, I found Casasilk that offers some beddings for sale! They've got some cool stuff for your home and will definitely make you crazy in virtually shopping to complete redecorating your room or even your full house.

Cyber Monday Sale by Tidestore

Today is the start of another week which means Manic Monday! Thus, I entitled this post as 'Cyber Monday' because everyday is a Cyber Monday sale ( for Tidestore and I'm just feeling happy about it because that just means that everyday is a sale day which rarely happens except for an awesome online shop like Tidestore. Thus, I share to you this awesome news as well as great stuff I discovered from their site. It's an unexplainable feeling when you found out that there is an everyday sale off the internet, thank your for saving me and girls out there who are about to go broke and on a tight budget on a shopping mode!

Black Friday Deals by Ericdress

It's that time of the year again when sales are beginning to catch every girl's attention and for us, it's a once in a million opportunity to get every stuff that we want in a cheaper price. Just like what I saw today while browsing online, can you believe ericdress ( is currently having their black friday deals online ( and it's the best thing I have discovered this week so far and I bet you'll love it too once you get to have a sneak peek on what you can buy on their sales rack. Continue reading to find out!

Get that School Formal Dress!

I know the feeling of going crazy because of the dilemma of where to get a formal dress for a school event especially if you’re on a tight budget and the only thing that’s going to resolve your problem is your piggy bank or you parent’s credit card. School can pretty much be considered a tough place to dress up especially if they have “dress codes” that I swear is the problem most girls have when they want to dress up for such event. I know the feeling and I must say, that’s another problem when choosing the perfect dress! Well, I just found out a solution to that problem and I wished I could’ve known this before because it would totally save me and my money from all of those formal dresses I’ve rented during the past few years.

Rock Stud

Though Philippine Fashion Week has already started still, here I am inside my room trying to get all of these blog posts done but I can't really complain because attending a fashion week show is not really my thing especially when there's traffic in the city and you are already running late for a show and will probably end up standing whilst watching the show. That is why, I prefer to get all of these blog posts done before I start work again instead of being at the convention centre.