Evening dresses for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and that means it’s time for parties! For kids, there will be Christmas parties at school with lots of exchange gifts happening but grown-ups will always have the best time during Christmas! There’s good food, best wine in town, dancing away the night and an evening to remember by wearing a beautiful evening dress from Promtimes.co.uk

Go with the Fleur

A quick outfit post before I go to the land of sleepyheads! My birthday outfit last week includes everything that I got from Fleur Lifestyle Clothing and it's impossible not to love every piece of them as they are perfect for my birthday staycation making me feel like I'm not 22 *cue Taylor Swift's song please*. Before anything else, I just wanted to announce that I'm now one of the #FleurMuses and it totally makes me feel so special that I'm representing a brand that provides clothing that can boost every girl's confidence.

Sweet 16 Dresses by Dresswe

I'm listening to Hilary Duff's Sweet Sixteen right now as I do this post and I remember clearly that it was my theme song on my 16th birthday which by the way, was years ago! Time flies so fast and I can't even remember what I did on my 16th birthday but if I have the chance to do it all again, I would wear a cheap Sweet Sixteen Dresses from dresswe.com.

Hair Extensions by OMGNB

It's that time of the year again where we could be who we wanted to be well, I'm talking about Halloween! Just a few more days for trick or treat and interesting costumes to be shown on the streets but the question is... is your costume ready? If not, let me help you with that. I just found out about OMGNB, it's a China based online shop providing beautiful clip in hair extensions that you can use for this month's event. Go for a costume like being a look-alike of your favorite celebrity or character in a movie and I'm sure you'll be a star! To accessorise the whole look, make sure to get the hair right by using some blonde hair extensions.

The Wallet Wall

Another day at the newly opened cafe and sipping my favorite cafe mocha whilst shooting  and wearing the most laid back outfit I've ever worn. I finally got myself to go outside and show off this beautiful leather wallet that Walletwall sent me. Made from real cow hide, the Wallet Wall is not just your ordinary wallet. The material used the very best leather, that will also protect all of it's content from being digitally stolen using top range RFID blocking technology --- this wallet protects you from card skimming, mass surveillance, and RFID scanning devices.