Chateau Hestia Garden Restaurant

My friends would ask me why I always wanted to try out and explore different restaurants --- it's because I wanted to discover new places and try out different cuisines. And Chateau Hestia Garden Restaurant in Tagaytay is by far my favorite restaurant which I've discovered because of the vibe and the dining experience. Although it was pretty hard to locate their restaurant, the place is worth it! I've always liked restaurants which we can dine in and I could take my outfit photos and for some reason, Chateau Hestia is perfect for that.

Hacienda Isabella in Indang, Cavite

Starting this summer 2017 with a staycation post from my birthday celebration with my family! This place is just an hour from where I live and is a secret destination to most of us. It's called "Hacienda Isabella" and was built as well as designed by one of Philippine's famous singer --- Kuh Ledesma. It is located at Indang, Cavite and to be honest, finding this beautiful place is a bit hard but with a help from an app called "Waze" we managed to find it.

All Natural Human Hair Wigs by Cocowig

I've always been that girl who never had a mermaid hair nor that photoshoot-ready hair whenever I go out that is why, I think trying on a human hair wig is definitely a major plus for a girl who likes to try out different hairstyles (especially for those who have short/medium hair). Sometimes, I like to incorporate my hairtsyle with the outfit that I'm wearing because it automatically become a part of the look --- some sort of accessory. But of course, girls can only wear the finest human hair wig that is available in the market! Good thing, I found out about Cocowig - is a manufacturer of human hair wigs This is the secret how you get a perfectly fitting, so natural looking and beautiful hair-style over your scalp, sitting comfortably at the top.

Wedding by the Beach by Amandadress

Planning to have your wedding next year? Well, I think it's perfect to have a beach wedding soon! With the scorching sun, the white sand, the beautiful ocean --- I'm proud to say that my country has the beaches in the world, name it! We have Coron, Boracay, El Nido etc. so, you don't have to worry about the setting but a wedding dress, is one big problem! You need a wedding dress that can match your theme and be the goddess on your very special day. I can't think of any other website than Amandadress to help you pick out the wedding dress that you're going to wear for your beach wedding. Just take a look at these gorgeous Cheap Beach Wedding Dresses Australia.

Chic Midi Skirts this Season by Stylewe

In my country, it’s no longer summer but it still feels like summer because of the unbearable heat we have been experiencing for the past few days and living in a tropical country, there’s no doubt we celebrate summer all throughout the year. We wear the lightest and most comfortable we can get from our closet and honestly, it’s so hard to be stylish during these times. That is why when I shop for clothes, I always intend to choose a light clothing which already have “style”.