BMS: Roux 29

As promised, here's a post about Roux 29! This is basically a drive-in movie, fair and party event that happened last August 8, 2014 at Aseana City near SM Mall of Asia, it was my first time to attend BMS' event (even though I've been a blogger of their past events) because the past venues were a bit far from where I live but luckily, this year it was just a few minutes drive from where I work and live so it's a must for me to finally attend and experience what BMS has to offer. 

The event was definitely super fun and made me miss my college life! There were unlimited choices of food to grab (from a slice of pizza, milkshake, fresh juice etc.) whilst watching 'She's the Man' on a big screen in your car. Didn't stay long for the party though because it was super late and we got some plans for the next day but I heard it was pretty rad! Another thing that I like about is that there were a lot of freebies and a big plus? All of the event organisers were so accommodating and nice! I really enjoyed the night with my friends just casually eating under the stars, taking photos and swooning over Channing Tatum. Till the next Roux event!

Hit the Lights

It's been quite a while since I saw my college friends and just last Friday night we happened to schedule our night by attending Roux 29 (more about that on my next post). Being with my friends means endless food trips as well as photo shoots and thank goodness for having friends who can help me fill up my blog with great photos, including this set of photos that looks like it was shot from a film camera or maybe a still from a music video. Well, I probably just have a wild imagination or just totally in love with these photos and with that, I can finally change my Facebook profile picture which I have been using ever since Selena Gomez was in Barney (not really, but it irks me having the same photo for a long time haha)!

Be the Star of the Night with Aviva Dress

I know it’s still far from prom season but it’s better to be early planning to have more choices and more time to pick out your top dresses, right? Or maybe you have some formal party to attend to very soon and don’t know what to wear? And a friend is in need for her bridesmaid dresses? Well, I’ve got the perfect online shop for you to shop of all of these --- it’s Aviva! It’s also currently 85% off and once you order, shipping is already free! So that’s basically a big saving for you compared if you will buy from the mall.

The Fashion Zone of Women’s Clothing

Ever since I started working, it’s always a dilemma for me on when and where can I shop since I just want to rest on my day off but I feel lucky to discover Dressve, an online shop that is just one click away from ordering almost everything a girl wants and needs in her closet. I just want to buy every outfit a girl could ever imagine from the site and just feel no hassle from the traffic going to the mall, endless shoppers hoarding from the racks and having limited choices.

Decorate your room with Bedding Inn

One of my greatest goal in life is actually decorate my own room, put up some wall decorations, change my bedsheets and curtains for better photo-ops and just basically renovate my whole room so that it'll reflect my personality and style. I was looking for some shops on where I can buy unique things for my room and luckily, I found Bedding Inn! They've got some cool stuff for your home and will definitely make you crazy in virtually shopping to complete redecorating your room or even your full house.

Somebody to You

After being MIA for almost a month, I am finally back (well, hopefully this would last)! I am apparently still stuck with wearing black and white ensemble every time I go out but believe me, I'm trying to fill up my closet with a lot of colours so I won't be wearing  something that would support the gloomy weather that has been making me lazy and sleepy everyday.Anyway, because 'The Vamps' is currently playing on repeat... here's a post slightly inspired by their fun and catchy new single 'Somebody to You'! And because I wanted to pull off a Coachella look that day (that looks like the outfit on the music video) I wore my Forever 21 skorts which I know is going to be perfect for a festival look (if ever there is one happening in the Philippines, I would definitely wear it)! As for the top, I opted to wear my turtleneck top from Bershka since I don't want to get all summer-y on a rainy season but really, there's always 10% chance rain in Manila and 90% sunny weather so, if you want an all year summer... live in the Philippines and you could never wear your boots ever again.

However, you can wear booties (as what they call them) and I still think this is considered as a pair boots thus, I included this pair to my list of boots because I don't know if it's either a pair of high heeled boots or just a huge pair of wedges. Well, either way you can just pretend you're a runway model wearing some sort of Givenchy or Bailman boots to the mall because you'll definitely feel like you have long legs by wearing this pair of booties from Swaychic! To put the cherry on top, my Marc B. bag is back and still fab as ever that makes my outfit looks so professional and glamorous. By the way, I kind of tweaked my content layout inspired by Jeline's new layout and I'm still in the midst of a big decision whether to push through with this style or not hahaha anyway, just check out my next post to find out my final decision. 

(Turtleneck Top - Bershka, Skorts - Forever 21, Black Tori Bag - c/o Marc B, Black Wedge/Booties - c/o Swaychic, Bracelet and Ring Connector - Primark, Ring - c/o N.T. Shop)

Roux 29: The Road Continues + Giving Away Tickets! (CLOSED)

Without a doubt, everyone loves to get caught by the essence of nostalgia; however, what event could possibly take place to perfectly add up to your most memorable life-stories? Happy memories consist of unique, exciting, unforgettable, and amazing experiences; therefore, take one of the best rides of your life with De La Salle University's Business Management Society as they continue to drift the night away with their 29th year anniversary celebration, Roux 29, taking place on August 8, 2014 at Bradco Avenue, Aseana City, Paranaque! Let yourself loose as the organization gives you three astounding events in one night--- FAIR, DRIVE-IN MOVIE, & PARTY!