Flipeatburger in Imus

This post has been long overdue! If this was a school project, I'd probably end up in the principal's office for submitting it a semester after it was requested by the teacher. Hahaha! And because photos from Flipeatburger has been on my newsfeed all week, I figured I should publish this post by now. I've been recommending Flipeatburger to my friends ever since I had a chance to visit them at their Kawit branch a year ago (see the post here) but because they live a bit far from that branch, they never got the chance to taste one of the best burgers in town -- until that day I figured I should bring a couple of them to the nearest and newest branch of Flipeatburger in Imus.

Keep it Cool with Rosewholesale

It’s that time of the year again where the Philippines would be gloomy and you’ll definitely feel that bed-weather day all day long. But having this rainy weather is an opportunity to wear outerwear (like jackets and coats) that can definitely make you stylish. I miss layering so much, that is why I wish there are just some days here in my country wherein it’s perfectly cold. If that day comes, I think I’ll just always go out and wear an outfit that’s even fashion-week ready!

Neil's Kitchen in Alabang

A great restaurant for me comes with a great food, good service and a picturesque place! Trust me when I say, Bonelli's by Neil's Kitchen got it all. Their building looks like it's part of Santorini's architecture and you'll automatically feel like you're part of a storybook once you're inside. You have to climb up the staircase to get to the main dining area and once you reach the top floor... you'll be delighted to know that every corner is just instagram worthy! There's an area in Neil's Kitchen (almost separated from the rest of the tables) where it looks like a mini library and this part can also be a bit of a private space for you and your friends, juts make sure you'll make a reservation.

Sherry London's Evening Dresses

I've always been in love with dreamy shoes and dreamy dresses thus, wearing them is an actual dream come true for a girl like me living in a small town in tropical country. It's always a hard time finding the perfect evening gown for a very special night but with Sherry London, everything is possible with just one click away of ordering off of their website. Today, I've compiled my top 3 favourite evening dress from their website. Choosing and viewing the evening gown pages is such a struggle but I definitely enjoyed it because I get to see such pretty amazing dresses that I would definitely love to have it because they look like they came from a fairytale book.

Summer Never Ends with Zaful

In my country, it’s no longer summer but it still feels like summer because of the unbearable heat we have been experiencing for the past few days and living in a tropical country, there’s no doubt we celebrate summer all throughout the year. We wear the lightest and most comfortable we can get from our closet and honestly, it’s so hard to be stylish during these times. That is why when I shop for clothes, I always intend to choose a top or dress which already have “style”.