Boracay in a Nutshell

It's funny how much I missed doing video diaries and ever since I came back here in the Philippines, I couldn't make one since I practically don't travel enough or visit interesting places but that all changed when I went to take a short vacation with my friends and decided to go to Boracay. During this trip, I was practically the one who holds her camera 24/7 everywhere (maybe I'm exaggerating a bit on that one) and well, I just had to document everything we do... and the outcome? Finally a video diary! (see video above)

Latest Wedding Dresses this 2015!

Hey guys! It's been just a few months ever since 2015 has started so, here I am... publishing a post that's actually a bit related over celebrating the start of the year 2015. Here are some of the latest wedding dress 2015  from Groupdress that will totally get every girl inspired with what they should wear on their special day and maybe for those girls out there who are still planning the "big" day, you may now find the perfect wedding dress to wear.

Bed-in-a-Bag by Ogotobedding

We all know that sleep is important to us people. can provide you with the best Bed in A Bag, such as organic cotton duvet cover. You can find any kinds of colors, patterns and styles from their website. If you become our member, you can have an incredible discount when you buy from their website. Come to and buy yourself a comfortable Bed in A Bag, which can help you have a more comfortable sleep and upgrade the quality of your sleep.

Blooming Curtains by Ogotobuy

Since winter has come to an end, I bet you're all feeling energetic and excited on the next season which happens to be one of my favourite because I get to see a lot of cherry blossoms (on my newsfeed haha)! This season is, spring. Now, it's time to pack everything that's for the Christmas season or anything that looks plain and simple... from your curtains, tablecloths and beddings because it's time to decorate everything that would scream "Welcome Spring". Now, my favourite thing to do is changing my curtains and what could possibly be the perfect curtain this season?! Well, of course a floral one.

Stellar Bazaar: Relive the Classics

The biggest student-organized bazaar in the Metro is back. From the organizers of Soleil, Seoularis, Times Square Fashion Bazaar, and The Attic Bazaar, the Business Management Society of De La Salle University proudly presents: “Stellar: A Timeless Faashion Bazaar”.

Change Your Ticket

A quick post from the photos we shot on Valentine's day in a cafe nearby before I left for my quick getaway vacation (which you will be seeing on my next post). I decided to ditch the obligatory red outfit during Valentines and opted for a black and brown combination which goes very well with the cafe. I decided to match my plaid skirt from Mura Shop with my gorgeous brown trapeze bag from Get 2 Go Bags (see the black version here).

Hairbro, your Ultimate Partner

I've always been that girl who never had a mermaid hair nor that photoshoot-ready hair whenever I go out that is why, I think trying on a human hair wig is definitely a major plus for a girl who likes to try out different hairstyles (especially for those who have short/medium hair). Sometimes, I like to incorporate my hairtsyle with the outfit that I'm wearing because it automatically become a part of the look --- some sort of accessory. But of course, girls can only wear the finest human hair wig that is available in the market! Good thing, I found out about Hairbro - is a manufacturer of Hair Replacement Systems (formerly called ‘wig’) think from the end-user perspective. This is the secret how you get a perfectly fitting, so natural looking and beautiful hair-style over your scalp, sitting comfortably at the top.