Somebody to You

After being MIA for almost a month, I am finally back (well, hopefully this would last)! I am apparently still stuck with wearing black and white ensemble every time I go out but believe me, I'm trying to fill up my closet with a lot of colours so I won't be wearing  something that would support the gloomy weather that has been making me lazy and sleepy everyday.Anyway, because 'The Vamps' is currently playing on repeat... here's a post slightly inspired by their fun and catchy new single 'Somebody to You'! And because I wanted to pull off a Coachella look that day (that looks like the outfit on the music video) I wore my Forever 21 skorts which I know is going to be perfect for a festival look (if ever there is one happening in the Philippines, I would definitely wear it)! As for the top, I opted to wear my turtleneck top from Bershka since I don't want to get all summer-y on a rainy season but really, there's always 10% chance rain in Manila and 90% sunny weather so, if you want an all year summer... live in the Philippines and you could never wear your boots ever again.

However, you can wear booties (as what they call them) and I still think this is considered as a pair boots thus, I included this pair to my list of boots because I don't know if it's either a pair of high heeled boots or just a huge pair of wedges. Well, either way you can just pretend you're a runway model wearing some sort of Givenchy or Bailman boots to the mall because you'll definitely feel like you have long legs by wearing this pair of booties from Swaychic! To put the cherry on top, my Marc B. bag is back and still fab as ever that makes my outfit looks so professional and glamorous. By the way, I kind of tweaked my content layout inspired by Jeline's new layout and I'm still in the midst of a big decision whether to push through with this style or not hahaha anyway, just check out my next post to find out my final decision. 

(Turtleneck Top - Bershka, Skorts - Forever 21, Black Tori Bag - c/o Marc B, Black Wedge/Booties - c/o Swaychic, Bracelet and Ring Connector - Primark, Ring - c/o N.T. Shop)

Wedding Dresses from the U.S.A

Hey guys! Because we just celebrated 4th of July a few weeks ago, here I am... publishing a post that's actually a bit related with that celebration. Here are some of Dresswe 2014 cheap wedding dresses USA online promotion and Dresswe cheap special occasion dresses hot sales that will totally get every girl inspired with what they should wear on their special day and maybe for those girls out there who are still planning the "big" day, you may now find the perfect wedding dress to wear.

Full outfit for your Homecoming by Dresswe

I apologize for the lack of posts but here is a new post featuring another items from Dresswe! Here are some homecoming outfit ideas that you can wear as well as mix and match with your favourite jewelries and put on your best make-up to be the star of the night. These are some of Dresswe 2014 cheap homecoming dresses online promotion that you can find on their website... I am absolutely dreaming of each and every single one of them and wished I still got the chance to attend a homecoming party. And of course, I also included some Dresswe cheap women high heel sandals hot sales that you'll definitely love and will be perfect for your dress. You may view more of their amazing collection from their sale section on the main website. Anyway, here are my top picks from their sale, I hope you'll love them as much as I do!

Ayala Malls’ Style Origin Lights Up the Runway at TriNoma

The country’s leading lifestyle and shopping destination re-energizes the local fashion scene, as Ayala Malls presents Style Origin, a lifestyle series that will cultivate each shopper’s eye for style. 

Ayala Malls, in partnership with the Philippine STAR and Starworld, and in collaboration with the country’s top lifestyle magazines MEGA, Meg and Chalk, empower men and women with inspiring trends in clothing and cosmetics. With landmark trunk shows especially compiled by the country’s leading style authorities, Regina Belmonte of Philippine Star, Peewee Isidro and Rainier Dagala of MEGA Magazine, Bianca Gonzalez and Patrick Galang of Meg Magazine, and Kate Paras and Elaine Carag of Chalk Magazine, Style Origin opens up a remarkable setting where timeless, impeccable style is bound to be experienced.

Summer Nights

Aside from being busy after graduating from college, the weather in Manila makes it more hard for me to take photos for my blog during the day. So, I was glad to find this part of the mall where there is a good lightning (many thanks to the Mango ad!). Since I wanted to wear an appropriate outfit for the weather but not to the point that I look like I'm about to go to the beach, I decided to wear my lace dress as a top (I forgot who sent this, so comment below if it's from your shop)... it's actually a very classic dress for a formal event but since I'm not gonna attend such event soon, I decide to use it that night. To incorporate my top, I wore my Forever 21 shorts that got some cute lace details on it that looks like it's an icing on a cake!

Novu Hair: Nature's Answer to Hair Loss

My family is a big fan of Novu Hair products because we've heard a lot about how it completely works and solve some of our friend's hair loss problem and when they asked me if I can feature their product on my blog --- of course I said, yes! This package arrived last weekend and comes with three different bottles which are the Herbal shampoo, Herbal conditioner and Topical Scalp Location, it also has a free pump for easy use. We all know that this is such a great solution for hair loss but did you know that it can also be use as a hair maintenance to keep your hair healthy and shiny all the time? Yes, it does! I am completely blown away on how effective this is from all the feedbacks I've heard and read on the internet especially when a big name in the industry named Fanny Serrano uses it.

It is also made of ingredients as pure as only nature could provide such asmoringa oleifera, panax ginseng, aloe, ginger, centella asiatica, phyllantus embolic, biotin, and the essential oils of rosemary, lavender, peppermint, lemon grass, and virgin coconut, Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion helps improve blood circulation to the scalp and increase nutrition to hair follicles, such that the scalp is detoxified, dandruff is eliminated, and hair growth is stimulated while excessive hair fall, remedied.

I am definitely going to suggest this to my family and friends who wants to have that healthy and perfect hair, in a way that's not going to cost a lot and is very natural too. Novuhair is available at all Mercury Drug, Watsons Personal Care Stores, Rose Pharmacy, South Star, Drug, Manson Drug, NCCC (Davao and Palawan) and Cory Quirino World of Wellness Stores nationwide, and online on

Call 413-6570 or 0922-883-0575 and visit for more details and don't forget to like Novu Hair on Facebook: Novuhair Official.

A Little Love in Every Cup from Beantage Cafe

Here's another unique place to eat out in the South! Located just a few minutes away from house, a dainty cafe called Beantage Cafe was brought to life by an amazing couple named Lovely and Andrew. I knew Ate Lovely from high school and when I discovered that she's opening a cafe, I automatically wanted to stop doing all of my school works, invite a friend and try out their menu. Well, I finally did! Last weekend, I invited my friend (Jen) to hang out with me at Beantage Cafe and it's more than what I expected! From the interesting quotes on the wall to the wooden benches and great food, t's definitely a great place to hang out with your friends and family.