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“Enter a realm of unparalleled pleasure and sensual exploration, guided by the enchanting presence of Goddess Beatrix” 


Welcome, dear listener, to the captivating realm of Goddess Beatrix aka Miss Beatrix Vale, an ASMR erotic audio artist par excellence. Within my domain, I weave an exquisite tapestry of sound, tailored to cater to your every indulgence and desire.

As Goddess Beatrix, I hold the power to unlock the depths of your most hidden kinks, painting vivid portraits with the strokes of my voice. Surrender to my commanding whispers and feel the intoxicating allure of my seductive tone.


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Goddess Beatrix's Custom Audios

Custom Audio

Indulge in the ultimate personalized auditory experience that transcends boundaries, dear seekers of pleasure. Allow Goddess Beatrix to weave her seductive mastery into every custom audio, tailored exclusively to fulfill your deepest cravings. With my intuitive understanding of desires, I sculpt a symphony of sensation, meticulously crafting each whisper to unlock your hidden fantasies. As you surrender to my commanding presence, you will discover an unparalleled level of satisfaction, knowing that your desires are honored with unwavering attention to detail. Choose Goddess Beatrix for custom audios that transport you beyond imagination, leaving you breathless and yearning for more. Embrace the exquisite intimacy of my artistry, and let your fantasies unfurl in a world where your pleasure takes center stage. Satisfaction awaits those bold enough to embrace the seductive allure of Goddess Beatrix's custom audios.

Experience Unforgettable Phone Pleasure with Goddess Beatrix

Private Sessions



I’ve done several calls and custom audios with Miss Bea and she’s the best there is, hands down! She will be attentive to your needs and fantasies, and make sure you get your money’s worth (and then some). There’s plenty of fakers and wannabes out there - if you want the real deal, you want Miss Beatrix.


Miss Beatrix is amazing and addictive. She knows how to pull all the right levers and push all the right buttons during a private 1:1 session or through her amazing audios. Her mesmerizing voice with leave you dripping with pleasure and her wide knowledge of fetishes and willingness to explore new kinks make her a true gem. I cannot recommend her services enough


miss beatrix, or what I was told call her was goddess beatrix, has an amazing and griping voice that will not let me go. I have ordered multiple custom audios from her but I can say that I have been greatly satisfied. But on top of that, her customer service is top notch. She wants to get every detail from me to make the experience better. She asks me what's my likes and dislikes and my limits and hard limits. I have honestly have never been so comfortable online until I meet goddess beatrix. 100/10 would recommend her to anyone who seductive and audio porn.


From improv to scripts, anything that has Miss Beatrix name attached to it, will ALWAYS be great entertainment. I’ve been enjoying her audios for months now and I don’t plan on stopping. Highly recommend!


I've worked with Miss Beatrix repeatedly, creating audio narrated visuals novels and she is incredibly easy to work with. She doesn't need a lot of explaining but quickly catches on, delivers incredibly fast, is very reliable at extremely reasonable rates. Miss Beatrix makes my work more fun and easier instead of harder. Grab her if you can.


Having listened to and been thrilled with several of Miss Beatrix’s audios online, I decided to pluck up courage and contact her to request my very first ever custom audio and I’m really glad I did. Miss Beatrix was so lovely in her reply; she took my prompt and explained the amount of time it’d take to create and get it back to me. I was so excited and couldn’t wait, I’d always been envious of the guys who’d had the balls to have something made specifically for them. When it arrived I was blown away, Miss Beatrix had created and delivered the most amazing custom I’d ever heard - it surpassed my wildest expectation! I loved it and would urge anyone who wants to be taken to that next level to do the same, she actually rocked my world


MissBeatrix is an amazing content creator in my experience, i had heard a few of her free works, and ended up contacting her for a custom project i would like her take on, she was approachable and friendly, but also inquisitive and good at keeping things on topic. i outlined my idea, paid the fee and acknowledged that there might be some wait, due to other projects ahead of mine.  despite that, she was Super Fast! there was barely Any waiting, and the finished product. my god it Blew My Mind!!! she had taken my idea and concept, polished it up, fleshed it out, and in that deliciously erotic voice that she seems to have full control over, she proceeded to demolish my ability to brain over about 20 minutes, she had elevated the entire thing to a level i dared not even imagine. 200/10 from one More than satisfied customer!

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Welcome listener, a haven for those seeking exclusive delights and a more intimate connection with Goddess Beatrix. Here, you'll find a treasure trove of extra-special content crafted with devotion, available exclusively to those who yearn for an even closer bond.

For those who crave an unparalleled connection, Goddess Beatrix offers private sessions, where you can bask in her commanding presence one-on-one. Engage in intimate conversations, receive personalized guidance, and explore the realms of pleasure and self-discovery together.


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