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About Miss Beatrix aka Beatrix Vale

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First and foremost, I am a slut. A classy slut though! I am passionate about sex and kink. You will find that passion thread throughout my work. I am knowledgeable and experienced in kink and like to understand kink full picture, including the psychological aspects.

No, I will not meet you in real life. I do my own slutty things in real life. Miss Beatrix is more interested in spreading and distributing filth and kinky shit through my work.

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I love using my sweet voice to drive men wild. I also love using my imagination to paint the filthiest images in your mind. Anything can happen in audio porn and our fantasies.

My passion lies in creating audios, ranging from extreme kinks to femdom hypnosis.

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I have a podcast! It's called The Slut Next Door. You can stream the podcast on Spotify & Google Podcasts. You can find episodes where it's just me talking or I have episodes where I conduct interviews with other kinky people.

The Slut Next Door is all about fetish and kink. I explore different kinks thoroughly and dig deep into the who, what, where, when, and why.

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I'm not your typical phone sex operator. I have no limits, a considerable intellect, and will use every word methodically to trigger you into release (or denial). I am not active on any phone sex sites currently. I take calls through Discord and handle my own payments.

I do offer silent/one-way calls if you are too shy to speak back or unable to make any noises. I do love the sound of a man cumming though. It is like a drug; a shot of dopamine that brings me a lot of arousal.

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